3 feathers

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awkward silence
perhaps a bad connection, I tap the phone
a stammer returns..
a paper cut
"I'm in town, thought we could catch up...tonight?"
you could hear a 

feather drop

"Is that wise?"
answered with doubt - curiosity
"We've both moved on, it's been 3 years
lighten the tone I hear myself
...heard you got hitched?"
news faster than the speed
of light
"Yeah...yeah I did"

2 feathers

"Surely no harm..old friends right?"
I heard the smile
"At the Hotel...our old Hotel ... say 6?"
anticipating yes... no
my hand clutches the cell
"I should be okay...see you there"
stomach knots
I hit end call
a light kiss on the cheek
I smell familiar scents
as we sit, knees close able to touch
"You look great"
"We do"
edgy laugh
"To you"
glasses raised simultaneously
like we never parted
never moved on
never met anyone new
the lost jig-saw pieces
another drink, seductive lips
wrapped around the rim
and another
knees again..but electricity
this time
shuffling feet across the carpet
I watch it pour
vodka drink of choice
merry-go-round time
no words just glances
no actions .. only the language
of our bodies
"So you're happy"?
"Hmm" was the reply
a so-so kinda answer
I reach out covering your fingers
that strum nervously on the bar
"I ...ah...booked a room.. for old times sake?"
pupils enlarge
pulse beats
"No regrets... pretend nothing happened?"
a wink
as we walk upstairs
holding sweaty palms
"No regrets at all"
as we enter the room
the familiar decore of
yester-years love
that was blinded by
afternoon lust
before we moved on
and life changed
and routine set
like a dark cloud
as I undid his belt
hands trembling

3 feathers

kissing his throat
how could I pretend....

26 thoughts on “3 feathers

  1. Dear RM, I do detect an ounce of erotica in your tale. What has this holiday done to you?
    Actually you convey the sense of desire quite well.

  2. oh dang….yeah, not wise…ha….def easy to fall back into those old flames…no regrets is not a promise we can make to each other…and once it blows up, how ya gonna get that fire back down…and at what cost….smiles…

  3. This really is a ‘hot’ read indeed. Hard to resist getting together just as ‘old friends,’ but with a drink involved and feelings still on the back burner, well…..the progression is clear, but unwise. An evocative write.

  4. I will let my other persona speak: No need to pretend, once those flames are stroked, they do bring the lovers back to where things have been left hanging ~ I like the scenario playing out, one feather drop at a time ~ Enjoyed this one ~


    • Hello Heaven 🙂 and welcome. I am so hit & miss with my writing, unlike your good self. You have ‘hit the nail on the head’ as we say.. it was destined to play out this way. I am pleased that you enjoyed it and thank you so much.

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