Last photos of Queensland and general rambling and updates

I could possibly bore everyone for a few nights with photographs, but I thought I don't have that right (insert Aussie humour here). So this is the last I shall put up. Captions explain where we are or what it is. Spring is just around the very large corner, we are still in the thick of cold fronts, low temperatures, storms, wind, rain here in Melbourne. Anyone contemplating coming over here please be aware of our 'nice climate' which usually runs from mid September, heating up in December through to some times March. So there is a wide scope of months to choose your visit to the Land Down Under, though in Melbourne we have had severe storms icy winds and hail at Christmas time (but that's rare thankfully).

Which reminds me if anyone has any questions about where I live or anything they would like to know about Melbourne - please do ask, I will be your virtual Travel operator.

Ah yes the holiday has finished and I have my work cut out for me doing the assignments (I want to thank everyone who read and commented and liked that post). Your words have given me that extra boost and encouragement that I needed to continue.

Oh whilst I am here, thought I'd give an update on my Penguins (mum and dad) as I haven't for a while. Mum bless her, is getting crankier by the day. They have a huge lemon tree in their backyard that is full of lemons. Now mum uses lemons umm probably 1-2 a week. Their elderly neighbour who does so much for them now that dad isn't driving came round this morning and took a bag of them (he did ask). By the time I arrived mum was quite indignant that he took some of lemons and had to trot (well waddle) outside to see how many were left on the tree.
What can I say.. it seems the smallest of things now irritate her, especially that she is so confined to the house. I can't blame her I would go stir crazy myself.

Pop stopped taking his medication the last month for his shaky hands (because the script ran out)but I have noticed as has neighbour friend that he seems to be walking better. He can lift his legs and doesn't seem to 'totter' as much. Turning around is still difficult for him however, but he made comment today that they don't feel as heavy. Were the tablets that helped his hands, causing his legs to become weak? That's my theory, so I have told him to not take them for a while.

I have ranted on again and I am tired, amazing how tired one does get when one doesn't do anything all day. No that's a lie I made my Penguins a hot lunch and some home cooked vegetable soup for their dinner, so the day wasn't completed wasted.

Thank you again for all your support guys, it really means a great deal to me.


View from our balcony on the pool in Cairns

View from our balcony on the pool in Cairns

Mr. S and I on the train to Karunda.
Mr. S and I on the train to Karunda. Do we like the guy in the green shirt yawning? Manners anyone?

Cruising down the Daintree River.

Cruising on the Daintree River.

At Mossman Gorge

At Mossman Gorge

Just another lazy beach

Just another lazy beach

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Sunrise in Cairns

Another sunrise in Cairns

18 thoughts on “Last photos of Queensland and general rambling and updates

  1. You have purple water there for pools? *gasps and swoons* lol. Ohhhh I love barramundi, we don’t have it here very often. I think you keep it all. *nods wisely*

    The river ride looks sooooo beautiful…. Mumsy more pictures please. It is nice to be able to visit your vacation and see all that beauty.

    • I wish, it was how nice would that be..but no darling just the lights in the pool are purple. The ‘Barra’ is a beautiful fish and yes we have them all ;-). Thanks honey, I’ll see what others I have that are decent enough to put up. xx

  2. Very nice photos. Glad the penguins are well. Still can’t get over all that there are all those lemons in your delicious (?) July temperatures.

  3. Look after your penguins RM. a tough gig but so satisfying ultimately. As one who has done the same I understand the feelings you will encounter as time goes on. Take care friend.xx ps my lemon tree is abundant too.

    • I will summer, spending more time with them now I’m not employed. Sometimes there the whole day, as I was on Tuesday when I weeded their entire front garden 😦 It’s what we do, they did for me, I do for them. Oh and I’m jealous over your tree! x

  4. Love tropical Queensland, it’s such an amazingly warm and laid back place. You guys look every “chilled” indeed. We are definitely on the downhill run to warmer weather, Jen. Hopefully you’ll be done with those assignments sby then so you can really enjoy it.

    • I know as soon as you set foot on the soil, your mood changes completely, not a care in the world feel. I adore it. Yes we were chilled, completely! 🙂 Yes I am starting them when I finish my answering as a matter of fact (no more distractions Jen) Thanks Jude. x

  5. Oh Wow!

    I want to eat that seafood platter. Yummo!!!
    Maybe he was up all night…or just bored? Lol Great photos and sorry to hear that you guys are getting all the storms. If it helps,we have had heaps of downpours this year. I shouldn’t complain as it will be so bloody hot soon… the ice-creams will start melting, right? Lol

    Super dooper hugs, Mumsy! Paula xxxxx

    • No I already ate it – and it was luscious! 😉 Think he was bored – only so much you can do on a train. Yes summer…spring is just around the corner.. hopefully
      Thank you and super doopers back to you! xxx

  6. well dinner looks great…maybe the yawning guy had too much of that…smiles…i can appreciate your pops shakes too…my dad has them and we are trying to get them under a little control right now…the storms here have been crazy this year as well…

    • Brian my apologies I thought I made comment on this? I make it a point to answer everyone, I don;t know how this slipped by. Dinner was divine. I think he was just ‘bored’ 🙂 Is your dad taking anything for the shakes? The weather all over this planet is all crazy 😦 thanks for reading.

    • Thanks honey – yes, we went to lunch yesterday with them at a friends of theirs. Had a lovely time, though it wasn’t much fun trying to get mum up into Mr. S 4 wheel drive in the rain! 🙂 xx

      • I know how that is I used to bring a milk crate to help my Mom in my pickup truck my big rig I had to pull real close to stairs for her but she was a trooper she went trucking with me into the ghetto 🙂

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