Mother to child – Prose

as the candle flickers its last breath to
the night, with shades drawn; the day at its end
watching you sleep with lashes brown and long
that settle on your skin, your face drawing a
soft smile; a brush could not do as well

blankets tucked in at your sides to
stop the chill of night; keeping you safe
and warm from winter rain and winds outside
beyond the darkened panes of glass, I watch you
with feelings of love; to protect; till the next
day is done

deep into the night, I lay in stillness knowing
you are there, that in the morn when light breaks
the grey and dismal skies, that your face will
smile at me and your arms will reach to be held
and gladly I shall take and give my life for yours
if ever the choice arose

my breath for your breath; a mother's gift
to child, I've lived my journey and can go without
but you have many roads yet to travel, so know this
now, this night, my love's unquestionable, it's
what I am, what every mother is; you are folded in
my heart, cradled safe




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32 thoughts on “Mother to child – Prose

  1. This is lovely RM. I especially like the second stanza.”beyond darkened panes of glass’ is a beautiful image of the child in her bed, safe from the external factors you as a mother want to protect her from.
    The final stanza with your statements affirming your love as mother are very stirring and emotional.
    I love ‘folded in my heart, cradled safe.’ You should be very proud of this piece.

    • Oh WOW Summer – thank you so much! Honestly – and this will so sound like I’m patting myself on the back (which I’m not) but I had 30 minutes to kill and wrote it .. the funny thing is when I start it’s hard to pull the reins in, as soon as I wrote cradled safe I literally said out loud STOP. I am so pleased you have liked it – really thank you.:-)

  2. Oh, this is expressed so beautifully….the love of mother for child is not easily surpassed. Such love and care you wrote of here. What a miracle can be found in mother-love!

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