answer me this – in 55


colour me

hues of pink 

words reach out
brushing your skin

a scent you love ~
caress your mind

for I ask ~  what it is
you seek ~  when you say you
love poetry

the quintessence of
words you read~

your own conclusion
drawn ~ ?

watching  artists
at work

doing what they love


Brian at dVerse whose birthday it is today *smiles* has us writing a piece 55 words in length. It must be a story and can be prose, poetry. I hope mine fits the bill. This is also shared with the G-Man at his place as a little surprise (because Brian is sneaky that way)


32 thoughts on “answer me this – in 55

  1. Nothing more special than being able to watch artists at work writing poetry…or at least to see the ‘fruits’ of their work!! Nicely written.

  2. I love words that fall on the ear like music, words that paint magical pictures, words wrapped in secrets and puzzles, and I love that no matter what I’m seeking I always find something to treasure in every poem, and bits of wisdom to save.

  3. interesting…did you write it as a cleave poem> because it works well as one….i love watching painters at work…i honestly dont know that i have ever watched a poet write…might be interesting to see, so you could see what they cut and kept….

    • I am so embarrassed to say that I did not know what cleave poetry was and had to google 😦 (I warned everyone I knew nothing about writing) but now that I have looked and – yes I think with the description I read, I would say it could be 🙂 (thank you for enlightening me)

  4. What is it we seek from poetry? What a fascinating question. To be drawn into an emotion – sometimes nostalgic, sometimes humorous, … I guess it’s a form of entertainment at times. Also, perhaps, a deeper understanding of another time, person, place, Nicely done, reflective 55.

    • Thank you Margaret, beauty in the eye of the beholder what they draw in as they read, is it the light and fluffy, the melancholy, the macabre – so many different aspects. I thank you for reading.

  5. Far from rambling…..
    Welcome to the Friday Funfest.
    I hope you found this to be creative, challenging, and FUN!
    Your poem was a beautiful in every way
    Thanks for playing, you are always welcome to visit,
    and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Words RM, words created into rhythms and metre
    55 of them
    what a challenge
    still you make perfect sense
    with gentleness, and sensuousness
    you achieve your aim
    artists are the coolest dudes around.
    Though ’tis better to be the artist
    playing with words.
    than the observer watching it all happen.
    Well done fellow artist.

  7. A great question here, so beautifully worded. I’ve never watched a poet write, but I sure enjoy listerning and reading their work. In a way, I think I watch myself when I write. I guess that’s somewhat of a zen thing.

    • Welcome and thank you for reading Myrna. Yes I think we all have that little someone on our shoulders or in our minds watching what we do when we write. Friends have watched me and they can see the frustration to the smiles. Appreciate your thoughts.

  8. it’s so cool to watch artists at work…i find it fascinating how so much of their personality flows into their artwork…like so much of us into our poetry

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