It’s been 3 days since I last blogged!

Call the Paramedics, check if I'm still breathing??

I am? Not only I,  but it seems all of you can now relax. I have not passed to the other side (don't know why I thought of Fettuccine when I said that).

How is everyone? I have missed my daily, nightly blog  (how I hate that word) sounds like something we should be doing in the privacy of our own bathroom. I have missed my writing and sharing. I have been concentrating on my assignments and you will be pleased to know that…no I'm not finished, but almost.. sort of..

I have 2 Eulogies to now write and also record myself reading one of the 3 that I have to pen.

So tomorrow I shall be concentrating on those and also possibly dragging a poem that I have fiddled with now and then over the last couple of days to put into The Poet's Pub at DVerse for their open link night which is on a Wednesday. It is Wednesday tomorrow isn't it? Being at home, one loses track of time and days so easily.

Nothing really exciting has happened in my 3 days absence ( I was waiting for my beloved readers to check in on me, to make sure I was breathing ) but *sniff sniff* no one did, which leads me to the conclusion that you have lives.

In which case you are forgiven.  :-)

In fact it's been fairly quiet around the site, so I guess that must be true, that you all are pre-occupied or busy little beavers.

It was Mr. S's birthday last Saturday.  How was it spent? Glad you asked.  Mr. S is not one to have a fuss made over him (unlike your good self) who thinks birthdays should be celebrated for more than just one day.

We woke up - the day was fairly dismal outside but not raining. Mr. S LOVES his golf..I waited then asked if he wanted to play a round (not play around that came later)  anywho he said would I like to play a -round of Pitch and Putt. Which is a game of golf but on a smaller scale between tees. (Yes readers I have played before but I'm not good at the caper).

Obliging and dutifully I said okay, so off we tottered and played, then after that the thrills didn't wane, we went and hit a bucket of balls!!! I kid you not, I could hardly contain my excitement!  After that it was a nice lunch and a little shopping and back home so he could watch his footy team lose again (which they did sadly).

Sunday passed with us taking back the casual shirt I brought him for his birthday as he doesn't do checks. I liked it on him, it suited him..but alas nope he didn't think so.

So that is me up to now, with 3 days off and hope that I will find the inspiration required to get back into writing soon…if you want me back that is (of course you do) ? ;-)


Till then Adios Muchachos

or Catch ya's later








35 thoughts on “It’s been 3 days since I last blogged!

  1. Hahahahaha! LMAO

    Happy belated birthday to Mr S. And I’m glad your okay! Lol
    You know what I’ve been up to…give me a break!! Lol So so so funny!!
    Many hugs and love to you, Mumsy! Paula xxxxxx

  2. it has been 3 long days for all of us and when that happens, i assume either you are in prison or are out having a great time somewhere, not that those two cannot be one and the same i suppose. happy to see that you were actually a part of a third option i hadn’t considered – having a kind of good time on the mr’s bday and doing your work. who would have thought it? welcome back –

    • Hmm in prison having a great time..I’ll get back to you on that one 😉 thanks for the welcome back Beth, I don’t think I could have lasted another night without bleating something or other. 😀 xx

  3. I have been slack leately, not checking in to read peoples blogs. I hate that word too…I wonder what it stands for? Does it…..stand for anything? It reminds me of something bathroom-ish too. Hehe..
    Glad you’re still on the planet….I’ve been OFF the planet. 😉
    I like your rambles…like these. I feel like I’m catching up with a favourite soap or something 🙂

    • BLOG – Noun A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis. Verb- Add new material to or regularly update a blog. So there we have it – it exists – we really must think of another name though! Do tell why are you off the planet madam?
      No more being slack get your self visiting 😉 and THANK YOU that is so sweet… like sands through the hour glass… 🙂 x

  4. My dear MM. First of all, you are always missed. Second: Happy birthday to Mr. S (or should this be first?). I miss my blogging days but the summer has been crazy and there is so little time left for me to do my thing…Hopefully when the school starts I will resume. Take care lovely xxx

    • Hello darling, I haven’t sen you around much either – When summer comes I won;t be ‘indoors’ as much, then again I have the IPad so there still will be writing of some sorts! 😉 I shall pass on to the Mr. – thank you kindly. You take care too (hugs) xx

  5. Good luck with all of your assignments. I hope that all goes well for you. I’m at the same spot…trying to figure out what I want to do next. I’m not rushing though….I don’t want to get into another job that sucks the life out of me.

    • Oh Bec I know where you are coming from. Any ideas on what you would like to do? We could brainstorm? Email me if you want. Sad that we actually have ‘to do next’ and not live a life changing towels in the Bahamas 😦 Thank you for your good luck wishes sweety. xx

  6. You know we missed you! Blog really is a silly word that doesn’t sound at all like what we do! I’ve been busy packing up and shipping off my middle child to college this weekend. She left Sunday morning, I spent the rest of the day pretending not to cry 😉

    • I have been reading other people’s posts, as it called upon as a fellow ‘blogger’ to do so, but yet writing my own..not much happening for a few days. Thank you for reading and also speaking KB – appreciated 🙂

  7. You have to love a woman who so readily shares her domestic bliss.
    He doesn’t do checks? He’s a plain colour sorta guy eh. Good to read your blog again RM.

    • Ah yes I shall share with anyone who will listen Summer 😉 No sadly he doesn’t and here I was thinking hmm a change is as good as, but he prefers one colour or maybe 2, but checks…forget it. Thank you Summer – good to be wanted.

  8. smiles…i poked my head in here every day just to make sure i was not missing anything….glad that you were just busy…i usually give it a week before i get really worried…smiles….so make sure you drag that poem out tomorrow, you know…smiles….pitch n putt….never heard of it but i might be better as the short game is my best…its driving i have a problem with…smiles.

    • aww thank you Brian, how kind – my poem is done lol but I have to wait till tomorrow to post as it is not ‘Wednesday” in your world – or is it? Yes pitch and putt is just a smaller scale. My ‘driving’ is passable as I hit off a tee..don’t get me started on this game of frustration! 🙂

  9. I knew all this from Facebook 🙂 lol
    Glad you got yourself back on the Blog Bike and wrote something.
    And making no fuss over Birthdays, I am the same. I just turned the big 4-0 and I know they (Family/Friends) were arranging a party at my last Job’s place where I was a DJ. I said to Dawn, “No parties Honey” I got a hard time from my Sons and my mates hated me for a few days, but they all understood why. Each to their own I guess..
    Also good to see you got registered on that site..
    That should be fun for you, it really is a good place.


  10. I am not sure if it is still 3 days off or more…and am confused reading this and the email I just received lol.

    But that is because I have foggy brain …*smiles*

    I do wish to wish the Mr. a grand happy day … belated as it might be.

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