it’s L8..O gawd its 1am
clunk slow…ly the key-boAred
Daphne sits next 2 me
the flower frm the garden
not a purrrring cat or person
I dont have cats…I dont have dogs
I mind dogs tho… r u excited
(hmmm then u must get out more)
IF u r

I type & watch an ant…. little tiny
crawlin back black on an envelope
& wonder where he’s been..visiting
perhaps, a L8 nite snack – out with
the lads – rampANT

as time ticks /click – no
noise juz numerals on the monitor
fold ova ea other & my eye-lids
beckon me 2 sleep
my nonsense has got the better of

I look at my ph upon the desk
how do u speak in text?

20 thoughts on “*Yawn*

  1. Lovely RM. so well named this piece. Even the keyboard is speaking to you when your brain is paying no attention but rather obviously dancing the night away without your body being invited. Sleep well.

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