If the end of the world comes……

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Twisted Gypsy


You see this? (above) this is my life.

Our son asks for a new toothbrush and my husband goes out and buys FIFTY toothbrushes.
I kid you not, there are fifty brand new American dental society approved toothbrushes in that pile, all with groovy little stick on thingamyjigs to stick them to the bathroom wall.
That ALONE terrifies me.
Once the children know they can conveniently stick them above the sink (we’ve never had those fancy ones before) there will be nothing but toothbrushes decorating the bathroom.
It will be a nightmare mosaic of squashed bristles, all in varying degrees of toothbrush abuse all over the wall…. Because you don’t think they will remove the old ones do you?
I see these things. I am a see-er.
No. I must open all fifty of them and remove all of the stick on thingamyjigs because they are a dangerous toothbrush accessory.

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