My weekend – sorry it’s long (drink and patience possibly required)

Where did my weekend go? Zip - disappeared, vanished.
Possibly because when you are busy it flies and the times when you are bored out of your brain (not that that can happen) the time drags.

Friday night we went to dinner Mr. S and I - just the local Chinese and we started with San Chow Bow (lettuce cups with mince and veg) followed by garlic prawns and cantonese beef and special fried rice (as let's face it, no chinese meal is complete without it).

Saturday hmm shopped for my penguins at the Deli for their small goods and then went shopping for nibbles (dang I didn't take a photo of my fantastic nibbly platter) which consisted of prawns, fresh salmon, cheeses, Kabana, dips, watercress, crackers and fetta stuffed baby bell peppers (tiny little red peppers that cost $32.99 a kg! - but so yum)

Two dogs arrived for dog sitting in the morning - 2 extremely obese dogs that I had previously minded 2 years ago. One a Staffy and one a bull-dog. The poor poppets, the bull-dog already has a hard time breathing due to her squashed in nose, but the weight this poor old girl had on her..well it got me angry, because in truth dear readers, this is abuse, just as much as my insane neighbours and how they treated their dog.

I took them for 3 walks each about 20 minutes each. They weren't dragging on the lead in fact the opposite, but when we returned home, the drink bowls were emptied, drooled and dribbled all over the kitchen floor and they sounded like steam trains. I 'gently' told the owner (when she phoned asking how they were) that she was pretty much killing them with kindness. Her reply "I know", said with such a who cares attitude (which shocked me as she seems quite lovely - though possibly a tad ignorant when it comes to 'how much should I feed and walk my pets).

We are due to mind them again in 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see if she cancels. I honestly feel like saying to her, let me have them for a month - Mumsy's boot camp and I shall have them fit again for you! They have chicken and steak for tea a normal portion, but she also gives them breakfast and treats throughout the day and they get walked for 30 mins each morning, but she clearly needs to exercise them more or put them on a stricter diet.

A friend of the owners came to pick them up this morning and he said "yes I have told them to stop feeding them, but I do the same with my dogs". I said why, his reply "well when do you know when they have had enough".

My jaw dropped readers, let me tell you.

Maltese Shitzus, he said that he leaves 2-3 bowls out of food ALL DAY, he also gives them treats, he even takes treats when he takes them out walking!! I simply don't understand, I said "you put one bowl of food down for each, if they haven't eaten it within half an hour, you remove the bowl". I got a dumfounded expression and a "Oh..really, but I feel so bad".

Anyway enough of that, Saturday night we tottered (well drove) to pick up the penguins as we were celebrating Fathers' Day (which technically for us down under is today 1st September) but we were doing the dinner at my brothers as he was working today…I am raving here aren't I? So anywho..the night went well, plenty of wine and food consumed. Speeches for Pop, more food :-( more wine :-) and I walked away with the button of my jeans undone because I ate..then had cake… oh dear mybad.

Today we went over to Mr. S's dads, as it was his first Father's Day since his wife passed (Rose). R.I.P Rose 29.6.2013. We had a BBQ lunch as it is the first day of Spring for us ( I am SOOOO excited) and the temperature was 25degC.

Today was also the day that us ladies (Mr. S's 3 daughters and Mr. S's sis-in-law and I) decided it was time to clear out Rose's wardrobes and cupboards etc. Armed with garbage bags, we all tackled different spots and it took us a good 3 hours to remove everything. What we didn't choose for ourselves, some now 'retro' clothes, make up etc, we have bagged for the Charities.

It was a little surreal, as if we robbing the grave as we held up items and then agreed to keep or to give away. The charity people will be very happy I am sure, as many clothes still had tags on. Rosy loved to shop though wheelchair bound, she had 2 wardrobes full of clothes and shoes and bags, many not even used.

So Rosy I thank you for letting us take your belongings the items that you loved - we shall put them all to good use.

On the way home we called in to see my Pop and mum again to officially wish him Happy Father's Day.

So that's why it went zip folks, before my very eyes, thank you if you actually read any of this. So now here comes the question which is a subtle way of saying you have to read to answer - or take the fast way and just scan down to this part - how was your weekend?

18 thoughts on “My weekend – sorry it’s long (drink and patience possibly required)

  1. whew you have been busy…good thing you started with some great food…ack on the pups, i hope they listen as it is just like children, too much food and not enough getting out to do something…hey i guess you can feel productive eh? smiles. happy sunday

  2. Mine was excellent RM. thank you for your small part in it. Yesterday was my first FD without a dad. I purchased a scratchy in his memory and had the same luck he and I had – none.
    But I do note that yours was busy, productive in a way and provided you with a fun story for us to read.

    • Firstly my condolences and heart felt thoughts are with you, at least with the scratchy you kept the tradition of buying and unfortunately not winning ‘alive’, this is something you will do every year I feel. Yes that it was and thank you for saying so. (hugs) my friend.

  3. Ours was busy, candles, doing markets. Up at ungodly hours. Spring certainly is springing.
    I feel the same about obese animals. It puts strain on their joints which HURTS them, not to mention the risk of diabetes. My parents have a diabetic cat. Say no more!
    The sorting out of things must have been emotional. Really final.

    • Amazing how much energy we get when Spring finally arrives, yours sounded just as hectic! I thought you would feel the same about the animals – there are many forms of cruelty and sadly there are owners out there who have no idea as to how they should be cared for 😦 Yes it was emotional, I brought home a fluffy (think sonny and cher) type vest that she hadn’t worn, Kayla loves it, so I am glad that many of her personal things were given to family to remember and share. Thanks Tracy xx

  4. sounds like you never stopped, hope you have a quiet day on the horizon. mine was filled with walks, a bbq, and hanging w fam and friends. pretty peaceful and relaxing –

    • Today is a better yes – thankfully contacting F.D’s to see if I can record the reading of the service (last thing to do on the assignments) at one of their chapels. Yours sounds lovely, we will be able to do this now Spring has Sprung! 🙂 Thanks hun. x

    • Hello Nelson – yes indeed it was and it was tough but as you said had to be done, luckily Mr. S’s dad has gone away for 10 days (dog minding for a friend) so he won’t be having to go into their room constantly and see her belongings not there for a while – hopefully it will also give him time to unwind and relax a little. The food WAS good 😉

  5. I want to the know it the owners are as overweight as their dogs. Killing with kidness is still killing. As for the weekend – working on Mr. X’s latest essay and writing (Sat) then visiting his Mum (Sun) and coming back to 371 emails in my inbox (today) – gotta dash (and delete a lot unread!) Sx

    • Hell No S they are both ‘normal’ weight, I haven’t heard from her so I assume we will have them again – I might ask if she wants me to boot-camp them into shape. Your’s was busy too ..oh dear that’s the worst isn’t being away from the computer then having to return to so many – lol at the delete key – take care 🙂 x

  6. We have a three day weekend here (labor day weekend), and then school starts wednesday so my weekend was just … I wish it were wednesday would sum it up perfectly 😉

  7. with doggies they have those big sad eyes and really know how to use them. They so enjoy a cookie, but if you look at the size of a malshi and the weight of about 10 pounds.. one cookie for them is like 12 for us.. or more. That is just a bit too much. They will eat it though, and think how we would feel after eating 12… or more cookies. blech.

    sheish, spring now and fathers day too, tis no wonder you are upside down 😉

    *giggles and hugs tight*

    • yes – yes much to do – much was done – do this – buy that – cook this (ok no cooking involved it was a platter) walk fat dogs, tell owners off (politely) father’s day oh deary me and phew lol liked the *giggles & the hug* xx

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