Monday to Thursday for anyone who is interested in babble

Good evening everyone out there in Blog WP land.

How are we all this evening, morning, afternoon?

It's so hard to keep track of times and days for that matter.

This is just a rambling blog post from moi.

Just because I can :-)   Ahh the freedom of speech isn't it grand ~ oops no poetry this evening.

Updates on my week - you ready? Comfy? Drink in hand be it coffee, wine or beer? Perhaps some cheese on crackers to go with that?

  • Started the juice diet for 4 days straight I drank nothing but squeezed out fruit and vegetables (my hat goes off to all you vegetarians out there by the way). Yesterday I was in a complete daze, had no idea where the day actually went, proceeding into the supermarket to top up on fruit and veg and other things. Yes, I forgot the other things - my brain was frozen in a sludge state.
  • Tonight yee ha I had a meal, I never knew how much I enjoyed the physical art of chewing! I ate some calamari and salad. Treadmill in the morning, so all will be good Weird how I felt guilty for actually eating after 4 days though.
  • No wine consumed for 4 days (I know,  how the hell did I do that) tonight I am shouting myself to a scotch with Pepsi Max (it is soooooo good) yes the treadmill will be a definite in the morning.
  • Went out twice with Pop on his scooter ~ hmm little concerned as he still doesn't look left and right before crossing the road and I think he feels as if he is still in a car to protect him a little. More practice required, more of me running or walking very fast at his side.
  • Attended a funeral on Tuesday (for learning Celebrant purposes) I did not know the deceased. 20 family members. Song being played for reflection time - wrong song. Try again - wrong song. I sat in the back row cringing, oh and taking notes.  The Celebrant though (as she told me afterwards) "It's best to stay calm when things go wrong, so the family remains calm".  Tell me if I'm wrong readers (this way I will know if you have actually read this far ) her reaction after the song not being played twice was "Right we will move onto the next part of the ceremony".  What the??? No apology for technical difficulties now we will move on??? Nothing? The service went for 20 minutes (family's instructions) but to me way too quick, no time to absorb what was happening, no speakers apart from the Celebrant. The music that the family chose for the recession (the walking out of the service) was a classical piece interspersed with quite 'bubbly' violin… not my choice AT ALL. This had to be played by the FD (that's funeral director lingo) who held a portable CD player at the back of the room. All went well till his/their recording jumped, hopped and skipped and crackled towards the end. I was mortified readers mortified! I shall do better (if I ever get a gig…(no gig isn't the right terminology is it?)
  • Lastly, I want to thank all the people that commented on My Gate is Open piece for DVerse - I am being guided and supported most admirably and for that I thank you one and all.

Okay that's it, hope I haven't bored anyone, thought I'd do it all in one blog (I so hate that word) post ~ thanks for listening..I mean reading.



33 thoughts on “Monday to Thursday for anyone who is interested in babble

  1. Exercising the right to freedom of speech is a wonderful thing RM. I am pleased you are now eating and drinking, for as you know woman cannot live on juice alone. As a spectator at the funeral service I can understand your ‘horror’ as things go wrong. I think we all hope such things go smoothly. But stuff happens with the best of intentions. I do hope when you get a ‘gig’ that nothing goes wrong for you. I agree post is a far better word.
    Have a good evening, drink up!

  2. OMG! I’m a darn alcoholic…the moment you mentioned alcohol? I went and made bourbon! LMAO
    Sad down and read your post. Hey, you said! Dolly did it! LMAO
    Woohoo for Calamari. I love it. As for the tech issues…what the? Not once but twice! 🙂
    Ohhh dad needs an L plate! Lol Nice to have a drink with you, Mumsy! Love to you. Paula xxxx

  3. Of course you will do better when you get a gig (I think gig works just don’t accidentally use it while your up there “hello my name is rams and I’ll be officiating this gig”) 😉

    You went four days on nothing but juicer juice? Your brain wasn’t in a sludge state it was in a smoothie sleep! Hehe

    Ok it took me ten minutes to comment, I decided to be all cool and use the kindle, turns out I ain’t that cool.

  4. OK since I am behind on my favorite bloggers I am starting with the most recent in my fancy reader.

    I commend you on wanting to get into this business. I fear you will be TOO BUSY once you start.

    In America funerals range from lonely quiet affairs no one showing up save one or two to very large joyous occasions a party really where all that loved the deceased dance and enjoy wonderful food and remember the deceased with stories they tell. No this is not done at funeral home it is at the gathering after. Tears gone memories resume. I hate stiff services full of tear.

    When I go I want them to remember how much I loved nature and throw a garden party with loud rock and roll and lots of dancing and laughter, drinking if they must but not to drink and drive after lol I will miss them just not enough to have them follow me so quickly.

    I would want Ron to take JT to the Sea and play frisbee and celebrate the love I had for the ocean.

    My brother went into the room where his wife was cremated kind of morbid for me but that was his choice.

    We are all so different and I feel bad the service went so badly for the family so I hope they got together after and had a wonderful party.

    • Thank you Eunice,that was a very sweet thing to say, I hope though I am busy for I haven’t worked since the end of July now and starting to go a little crazy. Yes Funerals can vary so much. I think though things are starting to be a little less focused on the ‘darker side’ The services are still respectful and fitting,but now lighter music can be played and its more accepted. Rituals are coming into play more with releasing of doves,butterflies,balloons,candle lighting etc and more of the family are encouraged to get involved. Yours sounds like a grand send off and you made me chuckle about the drinking and driving. 🙂 it’s a lovely thought that you would be watching
      Ron and JT playing frisbee in the place that you love. 🙂 xxx

  5. you are learning every day and with every experience, and you will be a wonderful celebrant. best of luck with the juicing, happy to be back eating solids again i’m sure )

    • Thanks Beth for your encouragement and faith in my abilities – I hope I will be. Yes only juicing during the day now and a meal at night. It was so nice to eat! 🙂 xx

  6. hmmmm, for Dads new wheels and running along side.. I think a nice pair of roller skates, then you can just hold on 🙂 woo hoo….

    …and another hmmmm, such a delicate thing, this final ceremony, emotions are so powerful, but also a time when people are more forgiving. To stir them up with acknowledging it did not go as planned will be a memory that is not needed, but slipping the correct song in, even if things go a tad long, if it was requested, I think would be a good thing. Songs can be something the departed truly loved, or something that triggers a nice memory for those remaining, to comfort them with a nice memory, so if one is requested.. it should be played.

    As I said before Mumsy, you will do great with this as you have so much compassion. You will have a fine attention to detail too, something those three letters help with sometimes. 🙂

    Everyone will leave one of your “gigs” feeling like they were hugged softly.

    • Roller skates? Oh dear I haven’t been on a pair of them since I was a ‘wee thing’ – broken bones I am sure! 😦 Yes the songs are an important and integral part to a ceremony, I just felt it odd that there was no I’m sorry, when the Celebrant went out to speak briefly to the family before she rushed off, she merely said “These things happen”, the wife and the lady next to her just shook their heads in disappointment. I was thinking if a sorry at least was said then they would look at the Celebrant as caring for not being able to provide what they requested or were expecting to hear. 😦
      Thank you darling- I hope so and I only hope I can start ‘my gigs’ soon. 🙂 xxx

  7. I don’t envy you the juice diet thing. Ick. As for the celebrant lessons…yes, I’m with you on the awkwardness, etc. It did, however, remind me of the time my mom arrived to a relative’s funeral late, tripped over an electrical cord and caused the music playing to come to a dead halt…and worse? She walked in late to the wrong funeral. Oy!

  8. I am so impressed that you were able to stay on that diet for 4 entire days! I’ve had friends who detoxed and they said it was brutal…low energy & down right crashing fatigue after a couple of days., but then they start feeling better. All in all it sounds like you had an eventful week!

    • Oh Beck I was a zombie by Day 3 then yesterday I felt better, but I had to eat last night even though for some strange reason I felt guilty afterwards ..odd that. Yes an eventful week indeed 🙂 xx

    • chewing is good 🙂 thank you calamari is nice and also has the chewy effect (if not cooked right) 🙂 summer coming on and a wedding to attend in October – want to get this winter weight awaaaaay! 🙂

  9. Four days on juice! There’s not enough of you to start with. Honestly woman! As for getting the music wrong twice, how about ‘third time lucky,’ or, gently to the person with the CD player, ‘let’s try to get it right this time. It’s a pity there were only 20 mourners as the one to take control and deal with the situation was obviously missing. I agree that just moving on was not the right thing – they could have had a moment of silent reflection if the music wasn’t going to plan.

    • Yes and still juicing through the day but now eating a meal at night 🙂 Ssshh clothes obviously covered many sins when we met lol. Yes I so agree with the service it was awful for the family…I shall do better I promise! 🙂

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