What happens in the kitchen – stays in the kitchen (humorous)

2013-06-16 08.05.16
“William dear have you finished with your scones and cream?”
“Yes mam I do believe I have and I did so love the jam”
“Then you know what happens now my dear, so if you’ll please
kneel down in prayer”

“Yes mother pray the rosary, count one to three and sh*t
oops sorry I apologise for saying that out loud”
“What..what did you say, why did you use that word?”
“I hurt my knee at cricket mam ~ yes I know I’m such a girl”

“Don’t be silly william you are not, resume your count please do
but I will not have vulgarities when praying to our lord”

“Of course I do apologise, I know not what came over me
of course I’ll do as you have asked,  I’ll pray the rosary”

“Now william upstairs you go and clean your teeth, till sparkling white
and put your dirty underwear… well in the laundry out of sight”

“Yes mam I will do this, I shall do as I am told but I really
wish our prayer was in the lounge, as the linoleum’s so cold”

“What’s that , what you are saying, don’t talk back I’ll have no more”
“No mam I was only saying that my knees in shorts get sore”
“Poppycock William, I’ll have no more of this nonsense from my son”
“Oh mam, I wish you’d see me as a man, after all I’m forty-one”

I was doing serious then I had some inspiration from Summerstommy2 who gave me a photo and told me about praying the rosary after dessert. I am not religious nor Catholic, so I hope I do not offend anyone by this. It’s just a bit of whimsy that got into my head.


24 thoughts on “What happens in the kitchen – stays in the kitchen (humorous)

  1. That is a great ending. Humorous and well-written.
    It reminded me of a joke: A mother was asking her boy to wake up so as to go to school. He wouldn’t and kept on asking for another 5 minutes of sleep whenever she would come. Finally exasperated, she asked him whether he was going to school or not. He complained for having his sleep disturbed but woke up and got ready for the school. He was the school principal.

    • Thank you HA – just something a little different. I have heard that joke before..I am sure there are many school principals who do not want to face the day – thank YOU for sharing also 🙂

  2. Lovely RM no offense in this one, though I do remember clearly those nights where we did all drop to our knees and my mother would begin saying the prayers so rapidly anyone who didn’t know would think it was a garbled mes of words.

    • aww thanks Brian just a bit on nonsense really..living with ‘mummy’ think he needs to undo the pinny strings somehow *smiles* ta for reading

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