Memories like the corners of my mind (rambling)

So here’s the thing.  As we grow old mature (nope grow old), our little brains can’t seem to hold on to the information that we have stored, slotted inside those gooey pinkish-beige coloured bits inside our skulls.

I know mum is struggling now, but this isn’t about her, it’s about me. I am one of these people that hides things in  safe hiding know what’s coming next don’t you dear readers, hell yes, when I want to retrieve said items from their cosy tucked away, no one will find me spot… I have forgotten where that spot is.

This afternoon as I was bored out of my little pinkish-grey area, I decided to try and find said spot. I went through 10 different drawers in the bedroom. I grabbed the foot stool from the kitchen and went up high in the shelving at the top of my wardrobe.  My god the rubbish I have up there! Hats that I will no longer wear, 2 old dolls from when I was little, my wedding dress  this one (Life does change)  bags. I grabbed all the boxes from under the bed and nothing. I scoured through every hand bag I own (the ones that weren’t on the top of the wardrobe), every shoe box, every plastic bag (obviously stashed because I couldn’t be bothered putting in the bin at the time). Hells bells,  I even checked the freezer and the cupboards in the kitchen.

I am at a loss dear readers and it’s frustrating, annoying and miffing, (instead of miffing insert copious rude words) the daylights out of me.

I have even tried (and I am sure you all have done this) standing in one spot and concentrating really hard to put myself back in that place (you know time machine stuff) in order to extract this information, but no it’s not working.  I emailed Mr. S at work and he came back with “Is this the lot you lost some time back or another lot”? … hmmm grizzle grizzle. Then he came back “Perhaps hire a metal detector”?

Actually not a bad idea, as dear readers my little items that I’ve so perfectly hidden is jewellry. Yes,  you heard it here first, smart alec me thought I would be clever in case we were ever robbed and thought I know I’ll put these …… in the…… (see I thought by typing that it would trigger something…but I got nuttin’).  I have a necklace that mum bought me and a diamond ring that I bought and god knows what other golden trinkets I have so masterfully hidden from any would be robbers, but also myself 😦

Apart from turning the whole house upside down, I really don’t know what to do. If you could have witnessed my ‘tanty’ earlier you would have either laughed, or rung for assistance.

The only positive is that I have tidied up the drawers and wardrobe and under the bed, the freezer and kitchen cupboards are fine.

I feel such a   images-3

and to top it all off we are supposed to be in Spring, it’s grey, cold and raining outside…. got to love Melbourne (only adds to the drama of the post, really inconsequential)

So what have you lost, if anything, were you able to find it again… got any clues to restore this pink-greyish coloured brain of mine (in a hurry)?







44 thoughts on “Memories like the corners of my mind (rambling)

  1. Oh dear RM, but these things do happen. You don’t have chooks by any chance and hidden them in there do you think? There is nothing so frustrating than knowing you put an item ‘somewhere’ and be buggered if you can remember where that ‘somewhere’ is. I don’t think I’ve helped your situation at all though. Oh well keep looking, pray to St Anthony, he can find things apparently, my sister swears by him and I’m sure at him when he doesn’t fulfill his end of the bargain.

  2. Oh dear… You sound like me! And mind you, i have ocd about making sure my house is in perfect order. And sometimes i still bang my head on the wall because i dont remember where things are.
    I say forget it.

  3. Many years ago I lost my engagement ring. I searched high and low for it, if you can call frantically throwing things around searching. In the end I saw a psychic. She told me my fiance would find it in a unit of 7, that it was at home, in a pair of his shoes and near running water. 7 weeks later he found it in a pair of diving booties stored in the bathroom. A sigh of relief ensued so great you could hear it in Melbourne!

  4. I have had plenty of “I can’t find it” tantrums. Sometimes, in desperation I speak to the universe…”Oh powerful magical universe….please guide me to the ::::insert whatever::::: ” and I walk aimlessly around the house until something feels….”hot…hotter…..oh so hot!”
    Doesn’t always work but it stops me from having a hissy fit and tipping out all the drawers in the house.
    Otherwise…just have a good SPRING CLEAN. You’ll find stuff then.

    • right I shall also try this ( I have a terrible feeling that I put them in the freezer – no one looks in the freezer) and we had a power cut months ago and I lost everything inside and I bundled everything up and threw it all out 😦 I am hoping this is not what’s happened. Spring clean tomorrow and see, but I am slowly running out of options after today 😦 xx

  5. Had another thought…scattered brained as I am. One of my friends received a call from a thrift store asking if she intended to donate the jewelry that was in a coat pocket. That was her hiding spot. Success!

    • Pockets – hmm not checked glad you like Beck I was crying and laughing at the same time (as throwing a tanty!!) 😀 xxx

  6. only when i totally surrender and admit defeat, does the lost item cross my path once more. ps – what a fun picture book it would be to document things piled on top of high places and tucked away under beds in people’s houses. could be scary too )

    • I think I need to write a list of where I put things – then of course remember where I put the list! Yes it would be scary..god knows what you may find 🙂 Thanks hun – I’m pretty much defeated right now, but the search will continue – into the battle I march!! 🙂 xx

  7. Have you found it yet? Stop trying and the little people will give it back/ let you know where to look. I only ever find things once I’ve stopped looking. Frustrating but true.

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