Treasure – (Prose from 3 words)

I have put the challenge/request out for 3 words to be given to see what I can come up with the next 3 are from
howanxious  they are  lore, treasure and soul. Thank you my friend.


Please wait for the music

barefoot steps ~ I softly tread

‘neath canopy of tallest trees

sun splintering across stones

in rivers clear

I search

touch hands against velvet leaves

that dance when I set free

with enticing smell of pine

I search

the lore is told amidst these woods

a treasure could be found

no parchment map to guide my way

as skies grow dark and day is done

I walk the woods alone

for the treasure that I seek









33 thoughts on “Treasure – (Prose from 3 words)

  1. Beautiful! – and the music you chose, simply perfect. (I love Loreena)
    Tell me, did you ever get it worked out, how to record your voice so you can do the spoken poetry thing?
    Wish you lived closer….I could set you up with the music recording program I use – Cool edit. It’s so easy to use. Adobe Audition is the more recent version of Cool edit, but in the scheme of things it’s pretty old school.
    Anyway, loved this!

    • Thank you honey. No I haven’t and I so wish I could, I shall ask a Shaun he’s a bit of tech whizz. Yes, woman why don’t you live closer 😦 Thank you for reading and your lovely words. I think she is pretty brilliant too.

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