Breath – (Prose from 3 words) with voice

breath, whisper, dream –  these 3 words have come from Beck at becwillmylife – thank you Beck – I hope you enjoy.My first attempt at sound recording and yes I was nervous.

I dream of the day we first hugged, my arms
around you holding tight; never letting go
for a million years

Oh how I loved you THIS much

I remember the flower that you picked
a yellow daisy from the ground
I loved you as wide as my arms could spread
those days seem so long ago, through childhood
and adult years;  you kept me safe
I hung on every word you said
back when we were innocent


innocence does not stay around
captured moments as a photograph
replaced with pain, lies and distrust
and as I sit amongst the daisies
remembering what we had

I whisper in one breath
don’t ever come near me


38 thoughts on “Breath – (Prose from 3 words) with voice

  1. This is lovely RM though the ending does have a chilling note to it.
    Brave to record a reading, but I think it adds to the message.
    Very enjoyable.

  2. That was BEAUTIFUL Jen…
    Truly, that came from a place that not many can take it from.
    Brilliant, full of soul, hurt, emotion,

    It was real. Just Wow…

  3. Love it! Excellent, both the poem and the recording. Well done Jen. You have a great speaking voice. I can imagine you on the story telling radio station I sometimes listen to (trying to fall asleep) I think it’s for the blind?

  4. Lots of chills listening to your voice Jen. Really really brought your words into my heart, well done I could see her picking off the petals as a child… loves me …but now loves me Not !! xxx

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