Mischief – (Prose from 3 words)

mischief, mayhem, revelry. These 3 words are from Beth at 
This perhaps is not what you are use to my readers - 
but this is how my muse directed me. 

Prostitute Approaching Car on City Street

sounds of revelry 
the night
split skirts
ride high on corners
trading skin for money

eyes of youth through
windows stare to lie on backs
open legs - knees bent


 ~ but never kiss

the lowly have it tougher
battering or death, risks
lined up on the street 
calling 'honey what you want'

are they empty


the little girls they were
and how they sell themselves
exhibiting their wares
but who am I to judge

the top girls don't have corners 
there's no mayhem in their world
unlike the street lamp hussling
tease and flaunt their 'goods'

they do 'a job', as I do mine
and who am I to say
this is how they live their life
from day ..to day..to day

©jmtacken Sept 2013

Feel free to pass on 3 words :-)

37 thoughts on “Mischief – (Prose from 3 words)

  1. Society proposes politics as a noble profession… that tells us about the notions.
    What I think is that every person is free to participate in activities to earn money, as long as they do not hurt others and themselves as well. If truth be considered, being a prostitute is a profession. It is alright. The main problem is that sometimes these young girls are forced into it, against their will.
    I hear almost everyday of a new sex racket being found in the news. That is something which is not tolerable.
    Powerful creation… and I liked how you represented it.

  2. Dear RM this is a sad piece. You are right in asking/saying who are we to say what they do is not of worth. For it is. They serve a purpose maybe not ours but all the same a purpose.
    I like that you open this for a discussion. Some interesting issues raised.

  3. it is an interesting pondering on that life…its not what one we chose, which gives a bit of mystery…why do they choose it…who knows…some choose it out of necessity and seeing no other way, which is the sad part for me…some have no choice cause they were sold into it, which is worse…so i wonder did they choose…

    • many have been brought up in that life, many would see it just as a quick way to make a dollar, others to support drug habits, others because they have no choice. So many different answers as to why and I thank you Brian for reading for asking the questions. 🙂

  4. Very different and very strong. Love that opening stanza – it almost spits at the reader. Short and punchy suits the subject matter well. Well done.

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