Change a child’s world (Prose from 4 words)

Shaun  from prayingforoneday gave me 4 words (yes he cheated ) 🙂 these are – child – confusion – unaware and woman – this is what I made of them.  If any of you know Shaun’s story, you will be able to relate to what I have written. I had grabbed only ‘parts’ of his history and upbringing to write this.   You can read his story here –
Beatings, drugs and more through the eyes of a child


I didn’t understand
alcohol ~ drugs
women thrown against walls
for men to force themselves upon

I was unaware of crime
weapons that were carried
a favour for a favour
in the world of underground

I was a child and bore the cross of confusion

this was my life ~ unfolding
could I be rescued, before I grew too hard
a life of which I saw no change
only violence and hate

innocence was lost between those days

as I watched my father’s life
witness to the bloodshed
when I had no say till ‘of age’ I
found someone, I finally had a place

my saviour was a woman
a young girl as she was then
whose kindness and comfort
turned my shattered world around

teaching me to love, to
leave the past behind and
I have grown a stronger man
for her being by my side

you may all say ~ a fairy-tale
but for years, she’s stood by me
and I am in a better place
the best that I could be

©jmtacken Sept 2013

I have 2 more pieces to write for my 3 word challenge (or 4) if anyone would like to add, please feel free. I thank you all for the inspiration.

24 thoughts on “Change a child’s world (Prose from 4 words)

  1. WOW Jen..
    You wrote that exactly as I thought you would..
    Reading a poem about yourself gives you a better knowledge of the poem also.

    Yeah it was hard, but to witness Love, you truly need to meet Evil.
    Denying Evil was the hardest thing I done, but finding MY GOD (Without religion) has helped…
    The darkness turned to light and here Dawn and I are, 4 kids and 25? ish years later.

    I can’t thank you enough for many things you say and do..


    • I am only happy that you like it and perhaps brought some solace for the earlier years of your life. You now have the family who love and support you as you do them…and that my friend is invaluable. You are welcome *hugs* x

      • It is invaluable, problems come, problems go but what will be remains. We live, we learn and in the end we are left with what we NEED not what we want..

        Hugs.. x

  2. Beautiful, especially as it seems there is reality to it as well.
    We should all remember that it’s possible, even with a kind word, a show of affection or care, that it’s possible to change someone elses perspective on the world.

  3. ugh. not sure i want to see that world through the eyes of a kid you know…but i do often int he work that i do…i am glad that there are those investing in the lives of children to make them better….

    • This was the early 1980’s. nobody gave a shit about me. It was about power, money, drugs, sex and good times. Fast forward to 2013. I finally get cared for and loved…
      There was no outlet back then, but I didn’t want one. A 10 year old with £50 only cares about that £50. That would be like £1,000 now…But I agree…
      And this shit (Sorry to swear) still goes on, maybe worse.
      Scotland is a brilliant place to the eye, but harsh.

  4. WOW..
    Thanks for all the amazing comments folks..
    It is hard to get your average Scotsman to cry, but I cry at will with pain and memories..
    But they are gone now. I cry when my Daughter took her first steps, when my older daughter started Nursery last year and her little sister started nursery this year.

    I learnt people make bad excuses for a bad childhood “I do what I do because it is all I know” I hear from a jail visit or a phone call from family. We get old we have choice, our SOUL kicks in and love comes with it. Being saved by my best friends who Iove more than any word can or could tell made it all the more special.

    Strange thing, looking back, it is like I have watched a movie, or read a book, or I dreamt it. It doesn’t feel real. The pain I am in now I don’t know, I say Karma for the wrongs I try to right every day I breath.

    Jen I have thanked you 100 times, make it 101 times. I MUST share this story, it may let others know there is another path, another door, another reason, another way. And we can never give in, even when ever fibre of our beings tell us to. We fight, we claw, we deny hate and let the light of love carry us through to wherever we will end up…

    Melodramatic reply? No, just from my heart to yours

  5. Such a gift! It’s a moving poem and so worthy of Shaun’s story. Telling it and hearing it with compassion open even more doors to healing. And that is another reason it is a great gift!

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