they sell ‘what’ at the market??

I am giving my little poetic brain a rest for now..probably will emerge later on tomorrow.

For this little post however I want to tell you the disturbing sight Mr. S and I saw this afternoon.

No,  it wasn’t both of us naked readers, please get that visual out of your heads.

We went to the local market near us, primarily to purchase some printer ink for Pop and some fruit. I did get somewhat distracted by the honey covered almonds and macadamias and yes I bought a small packet.. as they are were simply delish!

We strolled up and down the aisles (it’s like one very large open undercover garage) surveying the crap articles for sale.  My goodness such an array of …. and…. can’t really describe the fake jewellery, the illegally downloaded DVD’s and CD’s… where are those pirates when you need them? Oh they don’t actually send pirates  😦  pity Mr. Depp just sprang to mind racing across the foreshore hmmmm, sorry where was I.

Oh yes,  the disturbing articles on display in a very large stand, surrounded by a plastic shield were knives (I am so sorry I did not take a photo to share),  but I shall be writing to our local paper tomorrow to get an explanation!

We aren’t talking your apple paring knife, or your fish scaling knife or even your swiss army (must have in case  get lost in the wilderness knife). We are talking weapons, weapons that dads and their young sons were ogling over.  Weapons that teenage boys were pointing at and excitedly saying “Crap look at that one!”

PEOPLE Really…Seriously? How on earth can these be on display and sold?  Do we not have enough violence to deal with in our little suburban lives without thinking that Mr. “I want to sell you a new electricity plan”, who comes knocking on our doors, doesn’t pull out one of these instruments of death.

We don’t have wild animals roaming for the need to protect ourselves from them. Our kangaroos are very rarely seen in suburbia. What on earth and more so how on earth are people allowed to sell these in a Sunday market along side your fruit and veg?

It baffles me and disgusts me and certainly gives the wrong message to the “let’s go strolling round the market and see if we can buy a kick-arse machete this afternoon?!”

That’s it – I am done, but I shall be writing our local paper and ask W..T…


Over and out







31 thoughts on “they sell ‘what’ at the market??

  1. Sadly so many outdoor flea markets here in the USA are the same 😦 we even have guns at our local one. Society as a whole are not so peace loving sad to say 😦

  2. Well Jenny, here in the states it would the lesser of tow evils. I’ll take selling knives, no matter what kind, but here fathers take their kids to gun shoes that have automatic assault rifles that kill school children. So count your blessings in a way. Best>KB

    • I said to the previous comment KB, I simply don’t understand why..why the need at all? If you live in a remote part of the country, or run a farm with livestock, yes a gun for warding off predators, but tell me this, why in hells name does the ‘average citizen’ walking down the street anywhere (city or suburbia) require a gun or knife for? It gets back to the right to bear arms, one is ‘required’ in case they are attacked… how simple is it for no one to possess them? I’m tired of the fairy-tale wishy washy excuses/reasons that Governments hold. We have stricter control over here, than you, but when I saw knives being sold like makes me wonder where our Country is going. Thank you for commenting.

  3. It’s disheartening. Did you have those worksheets in elementary school where you circled the picture that did not belong with the rest? This worksheet would have an apple, a cucumber, a head of lettuce, and oh yes….a dagger.

    • Willow the vendors may ask for ID, but those can be made easily, so what’s the point. It was worrying to see fathers showing their young sons, that’s what disturbed me the most…almost “Hey look, when you grow up you can have one of these” 😦

    • I emailed the local paper and I just phoned the Markets – they have had a complaint before and it is legal. I told her how could it be… her reply “that’s the way our society is going”…OMG – so right you allow weapons to be sold, “it is legal”…end of conversation… Gobsmacked. 😦

      • Amazingly bad attitude of hers .. no medal for tact or customer relations for her. Even as it is legal they might like to … take a stand for commonsense. BUT blah blah blah blah is the usual response 😦

      • Nope none from me. Hopefully the Knox Leader will publish what I wrote. I don’t know why people don’t make a stand on this. Won’t be going back there in a hurry, with their attitude! xx

  4. They shouldn’t be selling knives at a market, not THOSE kinds anyhow. Between livestock and where I live I do have both guns and knives but, they both have a purpose for where I am and I’m fully trained in the use of both. Although I can honestly say I’ve never used a knife in a defensive manner, mostly I use them to cut baling twine and open feed bags 😉

    But as to knives being sold in an open market, like a flea market or farmers market, that’s just irresponsible.

    • Owning livestock, I can understand, but like you flea markets are not the place at all. Sadly here we see what guns have caused in other countries and knives and so many naturally don’t want our country suffering or going that way. This woman’s attitude (at the market) of this is the way of society is absolute crap, it is because of idiots like her! OK off my soap-box 🙂 xx

      • Pfft! It is not the way of society, you’re right that woman is part of the problem. I can understand having them for certain reasons, you have a farm, live in the wilderness, or you are a hunter. A pocket knife, like a swiss army knife, ok. But machetes and larger knives? Unless you’re one of the above or a collector what use would you have for it? “Way of society”, what utter er … stuff that comes out the bulls butt!

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