Earth – (Prose from 3 words)

My next challenge of 3 words has been given to me by a very dear girlfriend of mine that I have known for many, many years.  You can find her at:-

Her words are – wound, earth, silence


Wound fractures
open mother earth
in silence waits

what will become of her

heated months lazer
frozen waters
melting under rays

and where will her children go

waves skyscraper
consuming, devouring
dragging into watery graves

those she nurtured from her soil

wounded sky
wounded core
deafening silence

breathe mother earth

while you can
no band-aid will heal
the crevice is too deep

©jmtacken Sept 2103

12 thoughts on “Earth – (Prose from 3 words)

  1. I’ve noticed how much I enjoy the pieces you post that come from some kind of challenge. They seem to have a deeper focus, I suppose, enabling the words to get right at the heart of the thing – which makes a powerful read.

    • How sweet and you know I think I have felt that I should write more deeply, to pull the essence of the word. The challenge is readers giving me 3 words to write something about.. so feel free if you so wish 🙂 Thank you darling for reading. x

      • I have just got an app called ‘inspire me’, which gives you three words every time you press a button called random. I have just done this for you and the three words are: private, wealth and sink.

    • I am having to answer up on your 1st comment – An app for random words? What on earth will be thought of next! Hmmm I stare at the 3 chosen and start a nervous twitch in my left eye… I shall rise to the challenge however!!! Thanks Gabs…I think 😉 xx

  2. My My Miss Mumsy I do like how my 3 words look in your magic hands and I particularly like
    wounded sky
    wounded core
    …. very much. You rose to these challenges avidly as always. Thank you xx

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