Leap – (Prose 3 words)

Leap, surprise, faith these 3 words are from http://www.sarahelizabethhill.com   Sorry for the delay in this one, it was more a challenge than I first thought.

Sarah  and my readers, I hope that you enjoy.


A surprise to learn my leap of faith
would be to tumble into your arms
against all better judgement; clearly I have none
however your embrace seems the most comforting

Why? because I know you, infinitesimal trust
your arms outstretched almost pleading
saying I’d be safe; cajoling with soft words
~ to simply cross that line

but I have been there once before ~ trusted
if memory serves me right; physical scars none
but you created reservations of who I was
and yet ~ I wish to fall again, perhaps in the hope
you’ve changed

so, you can walk me down this path again
convince me of no ridicule or seething taunts
but this time unbeknown to you
I bring a safety net ~ in case I accidentally fall

©JMTacken Sep 2103

21 thoughts on “Leap – (Prose 3 words)

  1. I love this! I think my favorite line is, “and yet ~ I wish to fall again, perhaps in the hope you’ve changed” because who hasn’t thought that at least once in their life?

  2. Very well done RM, I like the surety the persona has, to be possibility of pain again from an old relationship.Beautifully expressed.

  3. Leaps of faith are no surprise in the end because we are going against our better judgement to start with….. been there…
    Great job Mumsy and apologies for the pessimist in me 😉 xxxx

  4. You’ve left me wondering how this will end – well/ not well? Wish I knew. And what’s her safety net? You really pull the reader in with this one.

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