Gaffa Tape (Prose – from 3 words)

news, dragons, tides – these 3 words have been given to me to indulge my muse and I. They are from the delightful and extremely funny  –


what is new in your world
the question asked, whilst looking down upon
his ashen face
what say you hmmmm ~ you cannot speak
I know that seems unkind, your lips are sealed
and I be thought a dragon in your eyes

BUT I do not take kindly to the type
of man you are, the evilness you thought
that you could hide, I'm sorry that you are
buried with just your head exposed, but I'm glad
I'll see you panic in your final hours

so maybe when the tape is stripped
you'd be best to close your mouth
for the tides I see them coming in
I don't pray for a slow death

17 thoughts on “Gaffa Tape (Prose – from 3 words)

  1. I have the sense RM that you may have been having a bad day when you composed this? Such vengeance from you…..out of character or just a sneak peek at your dark side?

  2. Great stuff RM you reveal another aspect to your persona, how very exciting, will we need headlights as you discover more darker aspects.

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