Don’t grow up (Prose)


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how old do you wish to be
patiently you sit, make up artist at your side
brushes in hand, her mind elsewhere as she turns
your lips to hooker red and accentuates your eyes

hair in a chignon, split dress to show a thigh
heels that hang off baby feet ~ that are yet to grow
allure, seductive poses, do NOT indulge the pedophile
who scours the internet searching for his prey
as he sits and dribbles, smearing blood red lips away

with every stroke, with every pose, the click of the lens
turn this way, pout your lips, cross your legs


is it for recognition, the fuss that’s made
or are parents pushing in the wings for the

riches offering , as you surrender childhood
not understanding what this means
in time you will grow old, my lovely child
wrinkles under eyes, on cheeks, on hands
but for now hold on to that young girl
and the skipping rope, while you can

this is not the attention that you seek
Please grow old with grace ~ for a childhood young
and innocent, can never be replaced

©jmtacken Sep 2013

For   dVerse | Poets Pub and Open Link Night hosted by the lovely Grace. I ask you to read – to join in on whatever subject you may choose.

18 thoughts on “Don’t grow up (Prose)

  1. Oh, I hear your poem so strongly. Childhood is so temporary, but so many try to rush through it as quickly as possible and embrace some kind of fake adulthood, which can often mean trouble at a young age. I pray my young granddaughter will embrace EACH year of childhood and linger as a child as long as she possibly can, as these years she can never reclaim again. A powerful piece of writing with point well made.

  2. mmm we are echoing each other a bit…kids growing up way too fast…i remember a couple years ago when that 8 year old made the news for wanting a breast augmentation done…sickening…thy push to mature the body before they are ready and then we end up with all kids of issues….i have some pretty strong feelings in this regard….

    • it is in a similar vein perhaps after reading yours my thoughts kept going back to this and that is why I wrote it. Didn’t mean to pinch ideas here 😦 Getting a boob job at 8????? That is ridiculous and nothing short of pathetic. What do parents think for gods sake? Thanks for reading Brian.

  3. Goodness, I wish for childhood innocence to be preserve as long as possible. As they say we are only young once, and grow old for a long time. I lay the blame on the parents for pushing these children to do these things they are not aware of fully nor grasp the consequences. Very meaningful topic, thanks for sharing ~

    • thank you Grace for reading. Wouldn’t it be a much better place if they keep their childhood. This is why we have the situation we do, be it crimes, pedophiles, girls being sold. At the age of 10 like the girl in the photos..her life can only change for the worst when pushed to be the adult she is not.

  4. In this age of media, it seems innocence is lost before a child is old enough to have known or understood it – sex, violence, base language, incoherent thoughts, racy advertising, leads little children into a world they don’t understand, and into unprovoked violence. Sad but true and little to prevent its happening.

    • Gay – thank you for reading. Yes I think those that have read this all think the same, it’s how do we prevent, short of banning. At least be of age, or if you want your child to model at the age of 10 – dress her for her age, instead of the ‘adult young almost porn style look a likes. 😦

  5. Childhood is really meant to be for being a child.. It makes me so sad… and then there are those being pushed to compete and being athletes instead of playing… there are many ways to loose a childhood.. important poem (and that picture was really quite disgusting).

    • BR yes agreed with the athletes, even the much pressure needs to be placed on the kids before they crack under the weight. Yes the photos (10 yr old) is disgusting, though I’m sure her parents are smiling at the $’s made. Thank you for reading.

  6. This made me think of trying to buy back to school shoes for Sam last month, she wanted a pretty pair of shoes to wear with her dresses. All the shoes in her size were strappy heels, not little 1/4 inch rises but a good inch and a half -two inch heel. For 9 year olds. Why?? It’s not right at all.

    • I understand your predicament hun, it is peer pressure to have the same as the other girls, to be like them, but we have to ask ourselves where does it stop, where do we draw the line of being a child and wanting to be more grown up. It’s the parents call and I don’t envy the parents of young ones these days. I wish you well sweet, just try your best to keep Sam and her childhood in tact for as long as possible (hugs) xx

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