In a moment (Prose)





there will be moments, fleeting seconds

when a journey of ones self halts ~ mid stream

life’s own pattern that normally flows and

ebbs across jagged rocks across mossy leaves


there will be moments, when breath is hard to grasp

when knowing someone that you love cannot help

themselves, with tears that form, the droplets fall

no way to catch them, to make them disappear


there will be moments, you wish to trade their

place with yours,  absolve the frightened

look held within their eyes, to give them

reassurance and all the love you have


there will be moments, like grey clouds overhead

that form, that turn your day from sunshine

into rain, when all you wish is to comfort

them, to take away their pain


so when these moments strike you ~be prepared

as you can be, know that you won’t breath in

the seconds that it takes, know your life can

turn upside down and you will also break


©jmtacken Sept 2013

Written from the event of yesterday.





26 thoughts on “In a moment (Prose)

  1. You do take away their pain,
    with your gentle smile,
    concern etched on your face.
    Tenderness sparkling from your eyes.

    Your compassion abounds, They feel your care,
    this they grasp and value so,
    Along with your love…
    This is their comfort, that you provide.

    You are their treasure,
    not hidden nor buried.
    But brightly shining,
    you are their sunshine.

    Offering them comfort and warmth,
    light and guidance.
    With your bright smile you see, and your love.
    You are their treasure.


    • Thank you sweet, yes the moment it happened with dad, everything flashes before the moment. Thank you for your kindness, thankfully no broken bones, just a very bruised face and bandage now. Tis a worry though xx

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