Burnt Offerings (Prose)


I walk a candle in summer rain umbrella’d by my free hand
hot wax drips against my palm
yet I’m indifferent to pain
northerly winds dance around my ankles, languid
as the Koi that circle in your pond
trespassing your land, forbidden territory
relinquishing fears; heart beats strong
scrunched piece of paper your last words to me
the page of ink runs ~ similarity

indecipherable ‘nothings’
a goodbye of yours escorts my steps
a minute or two your memory will be doused
corridors of feelings
I wasn’t good enough; you weren’t
a flickering candle these scrawled words that you wrote
a more fitting end …is it not
I walk away no one bearing witness to the
pleasure in my smile, northerlies pick the flame
embers scorch arid wood
the doors securely locked
you forgot I had a key


I know umbrella’d is not a word – but I put it regardless of it’s correctness.  🙂

I would also like to thank those who enquired about my absence and me the last couple of days.

30 thoughts on “Burnt Offerings (Prose)

  1. nice…i like the use of umbrella’d making a noun a verb is fun…and vice verse….nice irony in that last line as well…set the world on fire eh? smiles…

    good to see something by you ma’am, i can rest easy now…smiles.

    • I did like it, I think we should invent our own words to fit, if we need to 🙂 That she did…. bad girl…but then again..a woman scorned?

      Thank you Brian – I’m sorta back, rest easy and I appreciate your kindness – truly. *smiles*

    • aww how sweet of you, thank you. I am easing off a bit, I am feeling a little drained with mum and dad care and the job front being what it is and I hope to return a little more. Thank you for ‘umberellaring’ me with your kindness xx

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