Like it was yesterday (Prose)

Grace,ethereal & dream were 3 words kindly given to me by

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.   Please listen to the music as you read.

with grace she enters from the dressing room
captivating those that turn,  their lipstick stained glasses
held in hand and some gentlemen who sit on couches
sideways glance to hold her beauty in their eyes


too ethereal for this world, angelically she softly glides
and takes her place in front of the mirror that can’t
reflect the beauty she holds inside
satin shoes,  dress of lace that waterfalls
around her feet

her dream,  on the verge of being fulfilled
my dream ~ her happiness and I wonder does she notice
the tears that well,  the inner glow of love I simply feel
watching as she turns and almost pirouettes
across the floor

a young girl now grown
a life to live away from home
my eyes soak in her beauty ~ yet there is a sadness
as her new life begins,  away from sheltered arms that
held her close,  wiped her tears,  raised her through the years

words that even now are hard to write
though it’s been some time since that day
my baby,  my first born child,  the dress that fitted
like a glove,  the tears of joy that trickled down her
porcelain skin

this memory will remain with me of how I felt
back then ~ the picture in my mind I shall
take that to my grave and in these moments
the years flow past my eyes ~ her first steps
her first words, her engaging smile

this elegant young woman
with a smile as wide as a crescent moon
before a veil is placed to complete the look
and as she turns to me
I see the utter joy across her face

her gown,  this day,  she is ready
she has chosen what she is to wear
her happiness impossible to hide
and I smile a reassuring smile… a mother to daughter’s love
a mothers’ pride ~ just the way you are

For any mother or perhaps father seeing their daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.




30 thoughts on “Like it was yesterday (Prose)

  1. Truly beautiful , truly….. I only have sons but I know the pride they have inspired in me … when my youngest got married my eldest took my arm and said ,” don’t start mum that’s my baby brother and I want to cry” and my middle lad just touched my hand and smiled.

  2. nice…felt…i can only imagine that day when my boys take that step into their own lived…being married…if i had a daughter i imagine it all the more….lovely capture…

    • Thank you Brian, yes it will be the same for your boys. I also know that tears will well in your eyes, as you are a loving and caring dad. Appreciated once again your kindness in your comment.

  3. geez, this put a lump in my throat, what a beautifully penned tribute to your daughter, that magical day, and how straight from the heart, it all made you feel. BRAVO! my loyal friend, easily one of my favorite pieces you have written. it just made my night, ty.

  4. WOW..
    Let me be honest here, and Jen you know this stupid Scottish man here, I have two daughters, 3 and 4 years old for people who don’t know me. I love my 2 princess more than 1 word can ever explain. I have two older sons, I love them, they are 19 and 21 and just take my money and they smell funny (Funny they say the same to me)

    I dread the day I lose my 2 girls to another man. I cried reading the beauty in this poem. I GOT IT..A Mother/Father letting go of their child as they marry and go and take on the world on their own.
    I had a lump in my throat when the music was playing, I closed my eyes and seen “That look of love” Where they are both happy. but both will miss each other, the parent more..

    Jen, you are GIFTED…
    ….That was FANTASTIC ..


    • what stupid Scotsman? Oh yep right – with you now. 😉 Your praise is too too kind my friend – but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words. Yes, when the time comes for your princesses to fly the nest and have a life of their own… tis till be a sad time for you. Thankfully you have many years to wait 🙂 (It’s a blessing) Seeing them in their wedding dress..will a picture you will never forget.
      Did you realise you wrote some poetry in this comment? xx

  5. Oh Jen, you know how I feel about daughters. I have my girls and I think about that day, that day when I have to step back. Reading this, I could see you let her go. I could see her through your eyes. She looks like you, she has a bit of your mum too, I feel. Having read your book, I know how much it would have taken you to really let her go, although mine are so young, I know the day will come and am I ready? nope, not a chance, no way. But I will do it. I will hold it all back and I will watch with happiness. I loved this. What a beautiful tribute.

    • Yes my darling I do 🙂 Letting go is painful but part of the circle isn’t it.. as much as we want to shelter them ..we cannot. No, you won’t be ready.. I know you won’t, but thankfully you have quite some time to wait till this day and though there will be tears they will be tears of happiness sprinkled with tears of sadness. Thank you so much hun, love ya xxxx

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