You gave me life (Prose)


everything once was

clear, concise, a barren path

no rocks to climb

no battering waves

cocooned perhaps

veiled against the harsh realities

sheltered within your arms

the upbringing of me

your life, beside me

mine beside yours

my love unblemished

two who showed and shared

never wavering sunrise to sunset

asking for nothing, supporting

from the cradle till the age I am

the veil lifted, the tasks at hand

now more evident

and I shall try, I shall be those rocks

those waves for you

to climb, to ride upon

let me clear your path again

give me strength to give you

the years that you gave me

for you are paramount

my existence your role reversed

I am here, for what you need

whatever it takes


for as long as it takes


©jmtacken Oct 6 2013

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30 thoughts on “You gave me life (Prose)

  1. wow, that was moving…
    Through reading your poems I am beginning to understand “Poems” more…
    I try hard to replicate, or even come close, and fail badly..

    But Rome wasn’t build in a day so they say, whoever “they” are. If you ask me “They” talk rubbish and don;t know what they say..
    …Hmm, maybe I am one of “Them”

    I have thinking to do.. x

  2. there is a hard transition when we must start caring for one that we love.
    for me this spoke of caring for a parent…and of when my mom broke her leg
    because when you start caring for a parent and the roles are reversed
    it turns what you know, upside down…

    • Yes, I think as we age and the role reversal comes into play…our worlds are turned upside down..but it is something we know we must is our gift back to them. It is hard and heartbreaking and all consuming…but it is simply what must be done. Thank you Brian and I hope that your mum is better? (hugs my friend)

  3. Beautiful Jenny, the outpouring of grief for parents in what they are now dealing with and you seeing yourself in the reverse role of childhood so well expressed.My heart goes out to you.

    • Thank you so much Willow I shall visit your posts shortly 🙂 – if you search my past posts I wrote one about mum entitled The English Rose and also 2 for dad My Dad – Affectionately ‘Pop’ and I’ll tend to your feet Pop. xx

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