A little joint venture (Prose)

Poem 18  from Michael at  http://summerstommy.com  wrote the below from the male’s perspective.. (the first one) I now write from the female’s perspective ( the 2nd one)

outside the dawn approaches
beside me you lie
I watch your breathing,
your body at rest
your skin,soft in repose
I am looking at you
I marvel at you
I lust after you
I want you now
to awaken you
to take you in my hand
to feel your lips, your neck, my all craves you
I luxuriate, in your joyful intimate rhythms
the gentleness of your sexuality
takes me over
embraces me
holds me
your strength
your drive
makes me whole
I want you
come my love

quietly silently the sun rises
your body beside mine
I watch your chest rise and fall
deep in sated slumber
from the night before
I stare unblinking
watching you sleep
you know I desire you
that feeling that floods over me
dare I wake you
I need to feel
the softness of your mouth, your strength
the pattern of our love making
your physical seductiveness
surrounds me
encompasses me
grips so
I am mesmerised
your power
your spirit
completes me
I hunger for you
fingers trace your arm
wake, wake, my love
take me again


just a little diversity from the last few nights.

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