Free falling (Prose)


catch me when I fall
as I know not where I’ll land
a thousand feet per second
such adversities imposed
like gusts of wind
as I descend

catch me when I fall
for I am not secured
tethered to the structure
of my life, that once held me firm

catch me when I fall
treading tightropes
arms outstretched
pulled in all directions
need my balance to return

but if your arms can’t reach me
hold a safety net
to stop my pain
tell me pull the rip chord
till I am safe again


©jmtacken Oct 8 2013

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25 thoughts on “Free falling (Prose)

  1. I feel this was a “Moment” poem? Just how you felt and NEEDED to blog it?
    It was powerful and the image was a good one to match how you feel..
    You are lucky to have caring people in your life..

    But it is good to just release isn’t it? xx


    • Yes, last night with all that is happening around me – this was my moment and this was my release.
      When you start to write poetry… you will also have these moments. I know you blog because you need to..there are days when it can lessen the pain, the anxiety, the hurt that we have.
      Thank you BH {hugs} back to you.

  2. Ah, I think we all would like someone to catch us if / when we fall. A strong safety net (a strong person we could depend up) sure would be nice!!

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