From the Intro on OLN DVerse

I read the Intro on DVerse and the below lines in Italic were written by Brian – I thought I would add a little to them. Yes, it ‘kinda’ rhymes but probably no proper rhythm to speak of.

Just needed a little R & R in my day.

Tonight, someone will choose to share a poem for the first time, unsure what people will think.
There minds will twist, their expressions crunch, until the words are right. (Where is that Thesaurus!)
Hoping what they feel and share will bring us much delight. (Yes I know corny)

Tonight someone will put their heart on paper because they think it is about to stop beating.
Feeling forlorn or had a rough day, tonight they’ll chase their blues away. (Brothers?)
Or is it merely that they have the words, the thoughts they need to pen, their heart will go on beating ~ perhaps it’s all that Zen (grasshopper)

Tonight, someone will risk and love.
A chance will be taken~ upon this night a hand will touch, a voice will smooth.( say awwww)
Is it love of ‘that’ certain one or is the ‘risk and love’ their words (paranoia, paranoia)

Tonight, someone will open a door and another will close it.
Do they stay or do they leave? (make up your mind)
Closing the door on happiness or entering ~ which one will they perceive? (glass half full or empty?)
Walking into the Pub tonight, go on ~ read another’s work, give some praise some acknowledgment to the writer of the piece (just a minute or two is all we ask)

Tonight, someone will spill their drink when they stand up to carry the computer to their spouse so they can read the poem that just rocked their world.
“Tell me do you love it, tell me what you think” ~ a stern look across the floor (he better clean that up)
“Yes I spilt the bloody drink, but don’t you think it amazing, please tell me that you do”?(waits with baited breath)
“Yes my darling I love it as much as I love you” (Now go get a cloth)


So do join in the fun, encourage all us writers and read pieces from some amazing poets. (The above is the exception)


16 thoughts on “From the Intro on OLN DVerse

  1. hahah…nice….esp if the drink is sticky….go get a rag and we will debate the merits of my love for you and this poem afterwards…..smiles…i enjoyed our duet here….made me smile early in the morning…

  2. Brian’s post is poetic in themselves ~ Enjoyed reading your responses ~ Just to add, I think we are always opening and closing doors,never ending really ~ Happy day to you ~

  3. Depth and understanding in your extemporaneous response. It felt as though we were in the same room – a cry and response, a verbal challenge, one upping until we break up with laughter – so fun!

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