I am (a bit) famous ( a little nonsense)

I am in the company of famous beautiful women.  I mean it I am …I am! See below you will know what I mean.

and can you please stop laughing.

Have you ever been told you look like someone famous…go on I am sure you have. Over the years I have been told (by really down to earth, level headed people) I had to say that in case you thought ALL my friends are delusional  that “Oh you look a bit like”..   SEE there’s the kicker I look a BIT like.  Not totally, not you could be her double, not, are you SURE she isn’t your twin?  Hell no,  I’m a BIT of each of these ladies ravelled into one it seems.

NOT THAT I am totally unhappy with the concept, I mean these women are all stunning and who wouldn’t want to look like they do, if not their face their body parts!   Would I want to change any of me to be some of them…. *nods vehemently* especially their pay-packet.

Personally what do I think? Perhaps a little Susan and Meryl, with a smidgen of Diane.  I think it’s the nose…is it the nose, maybe the eyes, no perhaps the cheeks?  Okay I give up.

Perhaps a coincidence that these ladies top my list of my favourite actresses.

images-3 images-4 images-5 images-8 images-9

So what say you, this is me as you may have seen in some pics. Do I look a BIT like any of those women above? This is all for fun readers – don’t get all serious on me.  I’ve had enough serious the last few days. 🙂

The Mother of The Bride

The Mother of The Bride (4 years ago- I’ve changed a tad) Pop said I have a space-ship on my head 😦

Me stern face with dark hair.

Earlier pic serious me with dark hair and frown lines to match.


It’s your turn – If I haven’t already seen a picture of you on your blog (not a fake one to lure people into thinking you are famous) tell me who you have been told you look a BIT like, or go for broke and tell me who you look exactly like…at least then I have a visual of who I am corresponding with – or IF I have seen your pic tell me who you have been told you look like anyway…go on don’t be shy.


28 thoughts on “I am (a bit) famous ( a little nonsense)

  1. Ohhh Mumsy, I like games. Lol I think you look like a mix of Susan and Diane!
    When I was younger and had long blonde hair people used to tell me a lot that I looked like Olivia Newton John. I soooo didn’t mind as I idolised her back then and loved Grease. Haha Yip because I had that great perm too!! LMAO Loved your fun post, Nite Paula xxxxx

  2. I think you have similar features to all of them. The last time anyone really mentioned me looking like anyone famous was back in HS, people said I looked like Diane Lane.

  3. i’m going to say that you are the love child of susan and meryl. as for me, for many years, all over the world, i have had many total strangers approach me to tell me that i look like barbra streisand. wish i could sing )

    • that made me smile love child of susan and meryl. Barbara how wonderful, yes the voice would be handy you could make a killing on the impersonation stage. Thank you for playing the game lovely. 🙂 xx

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