The Sharman & the Prisoner (A collaboration – Prose)

Ilya Kisaradov.twistedlamb

Imprisoned not by lock and key
nor anchored by a ball and chain
the encumbrance was my mind
I let you in ~ run free

bemused by your eloquent speech
that led me to your arms
until your voice grated
your body abused and chastised mine

melting me with striking hands
burning bruised my skin ~ my thoughts
there was no escape from you
for your apologies I sought

sanctimonious at battles end
I once more cradled in your arms
but I burn still  ~ though transfixed
like the wax dripping from the flame

©jmtacken Oct 10 2013

Michael from summerstommy2 and I the other night did a collaboration – tonight we have tried it again, the same picture given. He wrote his version (below) of the picture above and I wrote mine.

I do this with Miriam in Words From Here To There but we haven’t been able to catch up for a while to do this 😦 hopefully we will soon.

Here is Michaels


shaman, your talisman,
what cure will you afford
the sick in mind
the ill of body

shaman cast your spell
mend my soul
rid me of demons
cleanse me

Shaman curer of ills
flames burning
Chant your song
Weave me your magic

Shaman take my hand
I am lost in myself
I flounder

Photo Credit: Visit

17 thoughts on “The Sharman & the Prisoner (A collaboration – Prose)

  1. Ohhh I loved both. 🙂 I am such a sook, I only get a little wax on me and I cry like a girl! LMAO
    I so don’t see the pleasure in that! Lol Hugs and goodnight, Mumsy! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  2. May I say Michael thank you for the collaboration. I did enjoy your Sharman, how nice it would be if we had one at our beckoned call or perhaps learnt the art. Well done and thanks for participating. 🙂

  3. ok, crazy picture…i love it though…the first is hard for me….once in finding the abuse and not feeling you could escape…the back and forth between intimacy and pain…its hard to know what to believe in those situations…..

    • Isn’t it an amazing picture. Yes thankfully this is fiction, but many are out there who stay in this type of relationship, too scared to face the world alone, they would rather put up with the abuse of mental and the physical. Thanks for commenting Bri.

  4. I loved them both! The picture — ouch! Taking dripping candles off a birthday cake is painful enough, I don’t know how anyone could coat themselves in wax and stand still for a picture!

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