R.I.P Dave King

R.I.P Dave King

R.I.P Dave King

The book is read, the pages turned

the cover holds fast and we are left

holding to the memories of one

whose words inspired


grieve but for a short while on

this friend that you have known

he wouldn’t want you lingering

for now he’s returned home


as we sit in deep thought ~ our

existence ~ of our own life, we

know how precious to take a

breath to give kind words ~ a *smile*


fleeting is our path on earth

friendships made along the way

just a little comment; encouragement

that truly made our day


and when the voice is no longer read

be it just for a short while

we take the time, we are concerned

are you okay? ~ we ask


the news of Dave’s passing

received when I awoke;

a writer, poet, a friend of many

his absence will be felt


sit back and read upon his words

and shed a silent tear, remembering

his world we shared ~ so he knows

that you are near


Rest in Peace fellow poet

we will think of you today

we shall *smile* at words you gave us

write with the Angels Dave


©jmtacken Oct 2013

This was written in memory and in honor of Dave King who blogged at Pics and Poems . I heard of his passing this morning. Though I did not know him well or interacted with him. We have a loss and I wrote the above in tribute to a fellow poet and writer, that shared his talent on WP.   Shared with dVerse.


30 thoughts on “R.I.P Dave King

    • Oh Willow – I read your comment whilst out at a Restaurant and I had to share it with my partner and my parents…this brought a smile and a little giggle – yes let him have a laptop or paper and quill to continue writing at his will – thank you sweet. x

  1. Yes, the book is read and the pages have been turned; but one nice thing about Dave’s poetry is that though HE can no longer open and continue his book we can always look back into his book of life. In a way I do look at a poet’s blog as a book of his/her life. And I have always thought of poetry as legacy, and this point is driven home now with Dave’s passing even more strongly. I am so glad Dave gave us his words….and am thankful (even moreso) for the poetic words and encouragement of all poets!

    • Mary you have said this eloquently – indeed our words upon the page are our lives, to be savoured to bring us joy and Dave’s words will keep living in all those who read. Although I did not know him, only by reading a few of his pieces, I felt honoured to write about a fellow writer, a poet, a human being whom this world has lost. Thank you Mary.

  2. Those comments & “smiles” are important you know….they uplift us and make us confident to continue writing and sharing our words ~ Thanks for the lovely tribute ~

    • Thank you Sherry for reading. Yes, as we only see words on the page and do not know the torment that others may be experiencing in their daily lives. A gentle words of kindness can be the make or break of their sadness.

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