My weekend that was

Saturday, took the dog we are minding for his walk, went to the movies in the afternoon with Mr. S and saw Gravity… I’ll let you decide what you think (the visuals are amazing) (Sandra was Mr. S’s eye-candy and George – well hello Mr. C – he was mine)  Back home we watched some more episodes of Breaking Bad (yes I am addicted to this show)  then I finally caught up with my darling friend and poet extraordinaire Miriam E on line.

It has been 2 months since we both collaborated and wrote from pictures or words given. If you haven’t seen what we get up to and you’re a tinsy bit curious, please take a wander over to  words… from here to there

Tomorrow I view another Funeral Service to see how a Celebrant ‘performs’ conducts, I shall let you know my thoughts.

Short ~ sweet ~ tired ~ complete.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend


34 thoughts on “My weekend that was

    • Willow I wish I could be more brief…I shall have to contemplate 🙂 Breaking Bad – …what can I say the 1st 3 episodes bored me to tears, now I can’t stop watching it…and I am older than your son 🙂 x

  1. Hello beautiful, I loved Miriam’s words. I left her a message. Just a stunning portrait of you.
    I’ve heard good and bad about Gravity… I love the chemistry between S & G in general, sounds cinema worthy. I had a relaxed weekend too, after a long time. So glad you went to the movies.
    Chat with you soon, miss you

    • Hello sweety-pie. It was stunning wasn’t it – she brought tears. She is a beautiful and caring soul and we do love the collaboration. Yes it’s not a bad pic, but I wouldn’t rate it in my top 5 unfortunately. Aren’t they an ‘item’ now those two? Glad you did, saw you email and reply soon 🙂 I miss you too xxx

  2. I SO WANT TO SEE GRAVITY!!! Oh you lucky person!! 😀
    Both my sons are FORCING me to watch breaking bad, saying “it’s better than the Sopranos” so I have it downloaded.. going to start watching..

    Glad you had a good weekend..

  3. That sounds like a pleasant weekend. It was festival time here, both days and I spent the majority of it sleeping… Ha! 😀
    Since I am trying to find my way back to normalcy, I have got 12 books worth of study material now for the exams in April… after being on a break for about a year (my messed up time), it is going to be difficult to resume studies. 🙂

    • Like the Ha 🙂 HA. It will be difficult to get back into studying after a long break. Perhaps your path will be different if you absorb yourself in the books. May I ask what you are studying for.. to be? At least try and set aside 2 hours each day and be regimented with your time (as if you are off to work) 9am for example each morning till 11. You have to get into that routine first. Once you have that going and know that you are capable of doing it, you have free time afterwards for your writing. 🙂 Good luck and I’m here to chat/email if you wish. 🙂

      • Thanks for the support.
        I dropped out in the middle of the senior year at high school last year. Since then, I have been surviving every day through my love for writing and reading. After shying away from thinking about the future for about an year, I decided to get that high-school diploma. Therefore, I have filled up the form, got the study material and now I find myself incapable of studying. I don’t trust myself… I’ve no faith. Being played about like a spinning-ball by my mind, I am just confused. I apologize for ranting like that.
        Hope you are having a good day so far. 🙂

      • Trusting yourself and having discipline is the only way you will be able to get that Diploma, unless you feel you are able to make a living from your writing. Writing is important but don’t lose yourself in the process. If you truly have a goal you must be regimented to achieve it. Writing can be after your studies *nods*? Faith will come as you slowly begin the process as will trust. You have faith & trust in your writing ability? You should have that faith in your abilities to study. *smiles* and you are welcome on the support, tell me to pull my head in at any time 😉 Day so far is going well – now off to study for a couple of hours HA 😉

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