Set ’em up Joe (Prose with Sound)

Love on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise
Just pour me a drink and I’ll tell you some lies

huh ~familiar words comin’ from those speakers Joe
set ’em up pour it straight, just a tipple over ice
no hell make it a double.  Tipple won’t touch the sides
wanna know my life ~ my loves ~ my hates ~ my fears
~ my desires? Might take a while, or perhaps a minute
of your time, quiet in here tonight familiar ground
you listen to us, our thoughts out loud circumnavigating
slurred words fumbling lips
pouring our hearts over whiskey or wine

huh where do I begin. I can sit here ~ can’t I Joe
I can prattle, you can listen, got a deal?
just a nod or two is required now and then
that’s all I need, all I ask, let me know
you understand ~ even if you don’t
guess that’s what you’re paid for
change it up from mixing cocktails for the girls
hell it could be the highlight of your dreary
existence, crap ~ apologies, that should have
stayed in my head
wonder why life brings us trials?
to make us stronger, make us wise
what’s the point
do any of us learn from the past
friends we thought would stay, melt away like
this ice, kids big not little ~ disregard advice

pour me another Joe, yeah yeah not driving home
don’t panic all ish good cab/s on it’s way
liquid amber ~ ice cracks much like my mind
when I think of it, comfort in the booze
for an hour or two at least. Then I’ll wake
with a head like a bear, but for now it’s good
forget your troubles you know. Mind kinda’ wanders
sure you’ve had that to ~ huh Joe?
sorry, not the most stimulating conversation
I’ll go sit in the corner over there ~ out of view
and I’ll stop my talkin’ now coz’ I’m..I’m boring you

©JMTacken Oct 16 2013

Some wanted to hear my voice more – for the other 99% of you – sorry for what I have inflicted.

and no I wasn’t inebriated lol

Sharing with as I wrote this the other night – hopefully it fits into the Beat Poetry Genre.

37 thoughts on “Set ’em up Joe (Prose with Sound)

  1. Amazing… I loved the variations of your voice… and the expression. Such a good read. Is it a drunkard confession or just the opening-up… of all those emotions one keeps within, intact… !?
    I loved it. 🙂

  2. You should do some kind of Radio shows or even TV, you are pretty Amazing with your voice, as I listened and read I was with you all the way. I thought it was funny but also brilliant.

    Good on ya muka

  3. smiles…nice…i like the voice…and that capture of the fractured self esteem as well….thinking he is boring the tender….tying into his need for another drink and some companionship…it can feel so alone, this life, at times, you know….

    • There is a challenge at Dverse to do beat Poetry. I tried for 3 hours last night and failed miserably as had no idea what I was doing. I read this comment this morning and have posted this to the challenge – you made my day lovely, so thank you 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much Mary – I only entered it as one of my readers wrote you a beat poet… I read up about Beat Poetry but I am still in the dark as to if I got it right. I tried for hours last night – then posted this after I saw her comment. Thank you for the Bravo 🙂 much appreciated. x

  4. you capture the mood well here..the questions to life.. the disappointment..the trying to feel better with some beer or whiskey.. and the knowing it will only hold for a few hours and afterwards may be worse.. was smiling at the last line… ha.. bartenders hear so many stories…they could write books me thinks..smiles

    • Thank you Claudia- I’m only happy that it fitted into this week topic. Yes what we try and see through the hades of an alcoholic phase ~ smiles – yes bartenders cop the brunt of every heart being poured out – more than the drinks I think – Thanks for reading.

  5. So very good – and I loved your reading. Sometimes – if we can’t free the anguish through tears a little tipple lets it loose…
    Anna :o]

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