Something different from Prose – Just a ramble

I forgot to do a ‘How my weekend was’, mind you I did not have enough to write about.  Friday I spent the day at the penguins and did their weeding for 5 hours, yes my bum cheeks and thighs felt it Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, went to the ‘The Circle’ to watch the fledging mediums strut their stuff, unfortunately no one wanted to talk to me. Sunday? Um Sunday – scratches head – oh yes Sunday in the afternoon went for a demonstration of a Thermomix machine the whizz bang German made cutter, slicer, dicer, scales, cooker, bread & maker everything you can imagine all in one unit that does everything apart from brown the meat. At $2,000.00 a bargain…. no I did not buy one. I hardly cook these days and not working still thought better of it.

Remember the diamond I lost out of my ring, I didn’t have enough Insurance so they only could pay out $1,000 (the diamond was $2000) so sadly instead of putting it towards another gem, I will be using this money to help with the bills etc.

I did see a service last Monday with another Celebrant from the same company as the first one I saw. This one was a gentleman however. It was a bit eerie as the service was held in the same Chapel where Mr. S.’s mum had hers. I watched him ‘do his thing’ and although he spoke quite well, to me he was to business like, there was no emotion in what he said, though he paused at the right moments.

The positive that came out of this was that this time,  I met the owner of the F.D Home. Mal, a lovely elderly gentlemen. He said Liz (the lady I first saw) I know I am testing memories here from previous posts, has been with them for years and she does generic services (I call that lazy). Greg has also been since the company started, so they have to give them priority. BUT  (I know you can’t sentences with but) he said that his niece also did services but didn’t really want to do them anymore, so they have 2, but they could do with 3… and to keep in touch with his son who is now waiting for an appropriate (hopefully smooth sailing) funeral for me to conduct on trial.

So each day I sit and write, and visit the folks – oh yes, sorry,  I haven’t really updated them have I. Dad is doing okay after his 3rd fall. We are off to see the Oncologist next week. We have to wait till the end of Nov for mums Geriatric assessment. We are in the process of getting the medical alerts pendants and also another assessment to how they are coping living in their home.

Pop is feeling weaker though, I went in yesterday and he was asleep at 10 (he wakes at 5) but normally doesn’t sleep till the afternoon. In fact sometimes when I am sitting there during the day he nods off in the chair at the kitchen table. Mum started crying, which got me going and he said he is feeling useless and weak.

Each day as it comes, that’s all I can get through and hope that he is with us for a long time to come.


Now just to brighten the mood a little…. Daughter # 2 has a onsey – I tried it on this morning for a giggle, so that you may too. Erm I’m a Unicorn in case you are wondering.


Onesy anyone



33 thoughts on “Something different from Prose – Just a ramble

  1. But I like to start a sentence with but. And also. I often don’t even use caps. *nods lots* I am a rebel. a real case of antidisestablishmentarianism. lol.

    you sure dress funny though. 😉 is that how you shop?

    Mumsy has Pops had tests for sodium and potassium levels?

    • Yes of course that is my shopping gear – don’t you think it suitable;-)
      I like starting with BUT also strange BUT true. He had blood tests this morning and mum and yes potassium and sodium – I read this prior to going to make sure 🙂 – Thanks sweet. They once again had a battle trying to find a vein – he’s a pin cushion 😦 but they got enough hopefully to run all the tests. xxx

      • Water too, do they drink a lot of water during the day? Seniors need to drink much more, but tend to drink much less. This can cause fainting. Also the shrinking veins. Drinking more water to hydrate them is important. I bet if you check they are not drinking much water through the day.

        lol, the shopping outfit is perfect… eeeps. lol

      • my Pop has never been a water drinker 😦 it’s only the last few months I bought a water bottle and he sits and sips throughout the day – but really – he is lucky to get in 600ml a day if that. Failing that it’s 2 cups of tea a day. I have tried everything bar intravenously getting it into him 😦

        Thanks though hun for suggesting – now just come up with a way for him to drink the stuff! PS we do flavour it with a little bit of low jule flavoured cordial or fresh lemon juice.

        Perfect you say? 😉 hmmm xxx

    • smiles right back at ‘ya Mr. M and thank you for the hugs – yep it is more on him than I, but I shall keep fighting for him and trying to get him back … as much as possible – thank you Brian …smiles again coz I just wanted to.

  2. I love the Unicorn onesie! I can so relate to the place you are with your parents. I’m thinking about a trip to see my parents. I talked to my dad a few days ago via phone and he was really having a hard time finding his words. He’s had a couple mini strokes since the last time I was home to see him. I dislike being so far away.

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