Exciting news…possibly?

Dear Readers,

I haven’t been able to post prolifically as I have done of late as I am a tad under pressure at the moment.

Over the next few days,  well up to my Tuesday of next week at least I will need all your rousing support of  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Yesterday I got a phone call …. yes THE phone call from the F.D Home (the guy that let me see his other 2 Celebrants in action) and yes readers… next Wednesday at 12pm, I will conducting my first Funeral Service.

I can see you all smile..can you see me grimace??

I have my list of questions, it is a phone interview unless this changes tonight and I see the next of kin over the weekend. However there is a little time limit, so I must get everything prepared, gather the information, write-up the service, ritual (if any), find out other speakers all within the next few days.

Now most of you know me – do you think I wasn’t a nervous wreck all yesterday and throughout the night thinking of this… well for those who don’t ~ I was.

So this is what I shall be concentrating on, I maybe able to slip in some prose, but if I don’t or if I am unable to read your posts and comment PLEASE forgive me as this is now taking precedent.

That’s all I wanted to say, just be behind me, telling me I will be fine (which will all be ignored on Wednesday at 11.55am)








73 thoughts on “Exciting news…possibly?

  1. Jen, you are one of the smartest, bravest, honest, special people I have met on Word Press. You are assured and confident. I have spoke in front of 400 people before and I was shitting myself, The 10th time I did it I was scared also. But I found being nervous made me speak better..So use the nerves, if you have any for you. Nerves are a good thing, they keep us on our toes.

    You will do fine, and I am not just telling you what you want to hear.

    I believe in you, you deserve this..Your voice is calm and beautiful… x


    • Awwww how sweet are you!! Scared – *nods* – I perhaps just have to put it out of my head till Wednesday – then a few deep breaths 🙂 Thank you so very much – this is what I need right now (hugs) xx

      • Yeah, forget about it till the day. I know that is hard, but if you go and do this for a living, you will have to learn to do that. It is like people who work with ill kids, they MUST learn not to take it home with them..You are dealing with grieving people, you also have to not bring this home..

        You will be grand..I promise..

      • Yes, you are right. I so want it to be perfect without any glitches, so I am asked to work for them at least. They are doing me a huge favour by letting me do this. I think (possibly famous last words) that I won’t take the issues home, but time will tell. Grand is what I want to be – so I thank you as I know your comments like my other friends on WP are from the heart. xx

  2. Awwweee Jenny, you can do this my friend, You are very confident and well spoken,deep breath, channel your inner self and all will be well. you will make the dec. family proud I am sure of it.
    The first couple of times will be under your belt in no time and you will wonder what all the fuss was about! Stay strong hun, you CAN do this,

    • I think I love you lady 😉 Thank you sweety so very much…I shall read all these wonderful comments on Tuesday night and hope they get me through (hugs to you & Toni) 😉 Thank you …truly xxx

    • you made me smile then I thought oh my – imagine if you were all behind me, in the background doing a little chant ‘come-on’ come-on’…aggh get out of my head. Thank you my friend – thank you. 🙂

  3. Public speaking is not my forte, but from my interactions with you, I believe you will do this effortlessly, I recently watched a TEDtalk about stress being a positive and not a negative, that the nerves we get is actually preparing our bodies to tackle the task head on; therefore, if we apply that thinking to your situation, know that your nerves are getting you ready for the big day, so take a deep breath, and remember, this is what you want to do, so do yourself and the service proud, you can do this. ☺️✨

    • That is so very sweet of you to say this – thank you so very much. You are right about the breathing, I am okay now, but I have my moments when I think about it too much. I just finished the phone interview 2 hours, it went very well – thankfully! There will be plenty of deep breaths on the day I am sure 😀 x

      • Aww you’re most welcome…you are like me in some respect, I think too much and worry accordingly, not really helpful in most situations. Really happy to hear the phone interview went well, the rest should be plain sailing. Keep on breathing, and you’ll get there. x

      • and the standing up in front of 60 strangers, plus knowing this is my first service and I shall be watched to see if they employ me again… have to start somewhere – it’s do or die (sorry mybad) Yes I over think and have the tendency to blow things out of proportion….calm….breathe…. 🙂 thanks hun x

  4. yes jen, at last, i knew it would come. i am as happy for you as i am sad for the loved one’s loss. how lucky they are to have you to help them through this with your kindness and your lovely words.

  5. That’s dead good. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    You can do it. You have the ability and they wouldn’t have asked you if they didn’t think you could 🙂

    • For a quick second there I read something else with your second line 😉 Thank you my sweet- yes this is the priority – but I will need some blog time..to have a break. Thank you darling for your kind words. xx

  6. Right, it is here.. Just as I knew it would. Your true calling. Love you. So proud of you. 11.55am, I will be in bed, for if not, I would have brought bells, lots of coffee, er, tea or er wine.. Wouldn’t do to have you tipsy before the service.. So my darling, before I go to bed Wednesday ( my birthday by the way 😉 I will be thinking of you and sending you all my love as well as kind thoughts towards the sweet people who have lost their loved one.

    I have my own interview and am in the middle of telling you about it in an email. So don’t worry if you can’t reply… Although I will wait for your reply afterwards..:-)

    • Good evening? lovely. Thank you for saying that, my true calling – I do hope so.
      Visual of bells and coffee (yes it was strange) Birthday was already noted in Calendar 😉 so this day will be remembered in more ways than one! Thank you!! I need all the thoughts and good vibes bouncing over the waves or riding the clouds over to the land down under. Finishing off my comments then – getting stuck into what I can, as I have some information missing which I need to fill some gaps. Your OWN INTERVIEW????? I shall reply..I shall…I shall – thank you darling for your support & encouragement- Love you too. xxxx

  7. smiles. i am happy for you. congrats. i am sure you will do well.
    dont stress yourself out. work it, find the story, build the service.
    the first funeral i ever gave was my mother in laws.
    not an easy one, but all went well. smiles.

    • Hello Bri ~ thank you – yes I have been writing now since this morning ~ it’s building – possibly too much at this point, but until I read back I have no idea of time.
      I shall take your words of wisdom ~ smiles and I thank you.

  8. You need to envision a positive experience. Play it over and over in your mind like a movie, exactly how you WANT it to go. Believe it! You will be fine. You will be nervous, there is no getting around that, but the anticipation will be FAR worse than the actual event.

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