Changes within seconds

WORDS upon a page, I wrote of
love and trust ~ the mood was right
ten lines in, plying time
settling into rhythm

the phone, a girlfriend on the line
her WORDS  “he’s gone” she cried
perspective changed, pattern lost
~ the feel of what I wrote

the man I knew as ‘Uncle Les’
a tumour diagnosed last month
his life ended 7.45 pm
the rhythm of his heart ~ that stopped

tumour in the brain, caused a cough
otherwise no signs~ we talk of only weeks
how fast the body breaks
how nature’s rhythm, can cease

so I sit here now ~ 9 pm WORDS that were
won’t be again, tonight ~ this night
thinking of the suffering, the son
the daughter, the family ~ his wife

she worked with mum back in 1950
a friendship to which I was a part
~ her birthday tomorrow, we were
to attend, her world now broken apart

why is life cut short, at times
it simply does, the circle as we know
and we ~ the ones left behind are useless
sympathy and condolences to show

so WORDS be gone, of what was thought
star bright skies ~ romance ~ tonight
to you the man I knew, as ‘Uncle Les’
although you weren’t

RIP dear Les, we’ll miss you
your life on earth had purpose
the Universe decided, it was
your time to go ~ WORDS

~ no rhyme or reason

~ I simply say farewell


40 thoughts on “Changes within seconds

  1. Hello Mumsy, I’m so sorry. I’ve had a bad day today and I now see that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Somethings in life are hard to understand and losing a loved one/friend is hard. I hug you and send you and your friend love. Hugs Paula xxxxx

  2. I am sorry. A single second can change lives. We are but the actors playing our part till our time comes to disappear from this dusty creaking board, we stand upon throughout our lives.
    Take care! Wishing times of comfort for you and your family and friends.

    • Anmol I thank you, yes we are but actors… I will, we thought it may happen …but not so soon… the moments of life get turned upside down. Appreciate your words of kindness – thank you so much.

    • Hi Brian, thank you, he was a close family friend and they contacted me this morning to invite us over for his wife’s birthday, of course very low key now. Yes, he was normally a healthy man, then diagnosed last month… How quickly it can disappear, thank you.

  3. i’m so sorry for your loss Jen, and for the family as well.
    such a well written, soulful remembrance of your friend,
    one second doesn’t seem like much most days, until
    everything changes. sending love and light your way.

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