Another day (Prose)


in the stillness of the morning……

darkness dissipates leaving a haze of

darkened blue

before the sun rises

birds call their morning song

in the early hours when life slumbers

in houses

down my street

bleary eyed I sit in coldness listening

to the world awaken

another day, another breath for some

who are deemed


for others whom I write about

no birds will sing for them



©jmtacken 6th November 2013

Shared with  and Open Link Night.

It is early, I couldn’t sleep, I have been busy writing the Service for tomorrow, so my apologies if you have missed me. This is what came into my thoughts a few moments ago.

46 thoughts on “Another day (Prose)

  1. Your poem is a reminder that facing the day is different for everyone. Some may face a new day with optimism. And for others a new day is another day of more of the same as the day before and the day before that. Same day, different people, different moods.

  2. I love the melancholy quietness in this; the yearning for a peace that is absent. Every day is different and each throws different challenges in the path of each person who has to face it.

  3. heavy. i like to sit and watch the world awaken with all my senses…see the sun bring life once more to the land…putting on there in the end that some will not see it…poignant, and strikes a cord…we are the blessed

  4. my favorite time to be out and about when my thoughts keep company with the orchestra of birdsong and nature is my mantra.. It is true though, there are times in ones life when even the sweet smell of dew and the lilt of birdsong cannot ease the tragic circumstances. a bittersweet poem nicely done

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