Today (Prose)

a breath ~ deep controlled
uncurling hidden knots
that brewed as a storm
under water

a glance ~ as eyes meet
tears of those who wait
for signs of comfort
sea of faces, seeking hope

a start ~ as words are read
trying not to stumble
mispronounce or body
crumble under pressure

Aussie flag draped over coffin
guitar that you played
medals won in battle
tears of mine withheld

committal ~ closing words
I lead the pall-bearers
to the hearse and I break
the tears cannot be held

the poem I wrote for you today

I’m still around

Today you bid farewell to me
and I strum my guitar and sway
listening to the ivories
that my Barbara played

I want you to remember me
but with happiness in your hearts
not with tears or sadness
now we are apart

please treasure all our good times
the laughter and our smiles
as I tread my journey forward
up into the skies

you will not walk your life alone
I’m always by your side
and I’ll be watching from above
with love and so much pride

I’ll dance as I once did
and I’ll whistle a tune or two
though I’m gone ~ I’m not forgotten
and please remember I love you

so when you wave your last goodbye
smile and live without a tear
for as the years tick slowly by
know I’m always here

©jmtacken 7 Oct 2013

A tough day- a good day. Pop’s not too well and couldn’t attend the Service of his life long friend. I was going well, till I had to read a letter that he wrote, knowing he couldn’t be there to watch me conduct the Service. I got to the last line.. then started to break..but I forged on. Emotional roller-coaster today.

Apologies if I haven’t been around to visit your sites the last few days, getting organised for today was paramount. For those that have visited me regardless of my lack of visiting ~ I THANK YOU.

25 thoughts on “Today (Prose)

  1. I hug you Mumsy and I’m sorry. Under the circumstances you did great and I’m sure pops would have been really proud. May your family friend rest in peace. Love you very much and sending lots of hugs and kisses. Paula xxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxx

  2. beautiful on all levels, your ‘breaking’ is only your humanity showing, not a negative. i applaud you for taking on this wonderful calling. the families and loved ones could not have a better, more empathetic person helping to send off their special person with dignity, heart, and grace. )

  3. a nice poem for them…and they are still around….not easy directing the funeral of one you know as well….def those cracks show that you are human…i know you did well and made it special…

    • Thank you Brian, from all accounts they were all pleased with what I did – the cracks …yes I’m only human and I think that also helped them get through, seeing that I was affected by it. Appreciate your lovely words.

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