It takes two


One looked in anger, back-bones scaled

The other, staring curiously, questioning

her indignation and yells

Thoughts the same but not

The intricacies of one mind that

battles within itself

that answers right and wrong

The demon that sits upon one shoulder

versus the angel in the heart

crossroads ~ no escape

Shuffling as the crab

decisions never made

The outer us who bear no signs of

inner conflict, forever covered

with our masks



©jmtacken 10th November 2013


Prompt 29: Rorshach Test over at

What do you see hmmm?


33 thoughts on “It takes two

  1. Ooooh I like this one. The whole duality of nature. I understand the crab very well.. Back and forth .. That mentality is so beautifully expressed through imagery and words … intuitive, smart, talented mumsy 🙂 aren’t you brilliant then…

    • I think others have seen beetles I know Summer saw cockroaches ~ I find it quite fascinating that a simple ink blot can steer us in so many different directions. …says about you hmm (that you are a lovely, kind & caring soul) probably not the psychological interpretation..but it’s mine 😉 xx

  2. the demon on the shoulder versus the angel in the heart…makes for a very interesting relationship now doesnt it…and we have to choose which we are going to listen to….it kinda looks like a cave drawing to me…might play with that tonight.

    • Yes and that in itself could be written on in more detail. Please do have a play, I haven’t read all the others yet, but I haven’t come across the ‘cave’ – good luck Bri ~ look forward to reading ~ smiles

  3. Beautiful!
    And boy do I love my masks, my personas…
    Oddly, at a very rapid glance, I saw uterus and Fallopian tubes. I don’t even want to think about that one. LOL.
    But now I can only see a beetle and eyelashes after reading comments.

    • Thank you for popping in Christy and for the compliment. I love all our different minds and how they work and yes I can see that too with the uterus 🙂 Beetles and masks seemed to be the biggies though 😉

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