Toys Alive (Prose)


It was two forty-five
not a minute before
lights were all off
no daddy snores

the house was so quiet
could not hear a sound
no grown-ups or children
anywhere to be found

the plastic toy box
that sat in the room
started to rattle
by the light of the moon

slowly they came to
peep over the edge
eyes darting both ways
but nothing was said

first was the soldier
then came a toy mouse
then came the teddy
toys awake in the house!

teddy jumped first and
he lay on his tummy
then soldier and mouse
it really was funny

they climbed up the velvet
and sat on the chairs
they giggled with laughter
that no one was there

they grabbed the remote
and all pressed real hard
as they looked at the TV
without saying a word

tucked up in your bed
under warm covers
the toys come alive
but you won’t discover

won’t know your toys
are real when it’s night
playing and giggling
whilst out of your sight

so next time you hold them
don’t hold them to tight
for they want to be able
to creep out at night

©jmtacken 10/11/2013

For   Get in touch with your inner child at Mary’s request this week  – Poetics – Childhood Toys & Games

I don’t remember playing with games  when I was young, only toys – so this is my contribution, which is also for you Al 😉

38 thoughts on “Toys Alive (Prose)

  1. ah smiles…i like that they’re having a bit fun and come alive when everyone sleeps at night you know… just tell me to let the tv switched off…so much more adventurous things to do in this world…smiles

  2. I love the idea of toys being out and about! What fun to be able to picture all of their antics together. (And someone else mentioned Toy Story…your poem reminded me of that movie too. Smiles.)

  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I thought about how creepy a couple of my daughters “stuffies” are. Why I find darkness in such a sweet poem I will never know haha

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