Gen Y let loose

Listen up all you fossils
yes I am listening too
hopefully you ain’t cooked
as you read the words you see
for this is totes awesome
the language of today
yes lol it is for kicks
the words I’m ’bout to say
I hope your’e not maggotted
then again this would make sense
for yolo you know and being
wigged out ain’t really cool
try not catch the zeds
as I ramble on with words
can I say wtf
along with chillax Β ~ what say you?
the planking was lost months ago
now twerking’s really cool
lmao I’ll end this piece right now
so don’t be a tool
and get the lingo on your tongue
my friends are a different bread
and a dutch bag…erm ~ what~who?

Β©jmtacken 16/11/13

26 thoughts on “Gen Y let loose

  1. Dear Jenny, WTF was all that about? As a ‘baby boomer’ i am at a loss some days to understand this modern lingo. When in my day the SCG and the MCG wee the only words you needed t know in letter form today we have a gr8 number of symbols and figures that all mean something to some one, and most of the time that someone is not me. Thank you for exposing me the rigors of old age.

  2. i’m luvin’ on this jen ) called my daughter once when i heard some modern vernacular, something about the cheddar, and she laughed her moneymaker off )

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