Street lamps and freedom of thought (Prose)


take me away, a walk at night
down tarred streets
under subtle street lamp glows
where dancing moths swirl
randomly in the breeze
breathe essences of flowers, with closed eyes
drawing scents underneath my skin
perfumes greater found in nature
as are moments, we remember
on summer nights with hands clasped tight
resting a head upon your arm

for there are times when escape is deemed
the necessary, to unfurl our minds in
beads of warm night air
to let our minds run free
from knots that bind inside our ribs
that lead to trepidation
when it’s simply our over thinking
of the ‘what could be’
and can we stop the process
only if and when we choose
a walk on balmy nights
helps to free my worries loose

©jmtacken 16/11/2013

20 thoughts on “Street lamps and freedom of thought (Prose)

  1. Gorgeous writing, palpable I felt I was within the scene painted. I used to (before I had a small child) take long walks with my husband at night and we would just talk and goof off, it’s a great way to alleviate stress.

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