What is the time? (Prose)

a day passes
twenty four hour
formula of
night/day disturbed
thoughts without
filters ~
tumble drying
another sun
and moon
marked off
twelve becomes
so on and so forth
lucid moments
childhood memories
~ yet current
boxes/lines are
of no consequence
as the clock turns
life into weeks
weeks into months
the cycle continues
~ advances
for you and I
but for them
remains the same

©jmtacken 24/11/2013

Victoria is hosting and her prompt is about Calendars – please join in ~ write ~ read ~ comment on some extremely talented writers (I go along for the ride).


34 thoughts on “What is the time? (Prose)

  1. dementia is a tough sickness…losing part of your past, the memories… the connections in life and the people you meant something once….always brings me close to tears..

  2. i’m certainly feeling the press of time these days Jen, approaching 60 soon, forgetting the small things is becoming a nuisance. but i cannot wrap my head around losing all of myself, my memories, the context of where and who i am and have others care for me everyday. that’s just tragic.

    • you and me both my friend…. yes we can only hope that we aren’t struck with this, I can’t imagine how scared mum is or how I would be in her situation… something we must hope will never affect us {hugs}

  3. Oh the dememtia — a torment for those affected and for all related. Yesterday my mother called me and asked how her parents (dead since more than 30 years) fared.. I had to take her through memories and evidence that they were indeed dead. At least it made her less anxious.

    • Oh BR – this brought tears. I am so sorry for your mum and what she and your family are going through. How did she comes to terms when you explained about her parents, apart from feeling less anxious, did she accept or was it difficult for her?

  4. Another beautiful piece Jenny, this reminds me so much of my gran, she suffered from dementia too, and it was upsetting to see, but she was graceful with it, very childlike, I couldn’t help but want to keep her safe..once she thought I was her mother, and I had to tell her I was not, that she was in her late 90s, her innocent response? “Oh why have I lived so long?” It’s one of the sweetest memories in my mind, thank you for reminding me of that day, my gran was very dear to me. 💗✨

    • Yikici ~ a sad and possibly painful reminder ~ I smiled at her response, she is still around you, I am sure of it, that’s why you saw her. Childlike is exactly how mum is, though she has ‘better’ days, I can only hope that we can prevent it happening to quickly with medication. Thank you for sharing and your kindness. xx

      • Thank you Jenny for your kind words, I do hope you find a preventative which will have the least side effects for you mum; I sometimes believe natural is best, medication sometimes is the last thing anyone needs…✨

      • I think unfortunately we have gone past anything natural that may help her situation sadly. I hope that one day this can be cured, so no other loved one or their family have to go through this at all. Thank you hun – take care and say hi to your Gran from me ~ smiles xx

    • Brian ~ yes hopefully I captured what I wanted to say, that ‘their’ time means nothing to those that suffer~ let’s all hope that we never are in this situation ~ thank you for reading and your kindness my friend. {hugs}

  5. Points well made here, Jenny. Time for us is one thing, but for those struggling with Alzheimers or dementia it is totally different and hard to understand. For me it seems like it would be such a hard place to be, but perhaps for them it is a time of peace, hopefully past times of happiness are much of what they can (in their mind) enjoy

    • Thank you Mary. I find myself not being able to comprehend how she doesn’t remember or can’t control how she feels ~ this is where great patience is required (something I have not been blessed with) so I will be tested along the way. x

  6. the very young and the very old often lose the distinction and nuances of time. something many of us in the middle often yearn for, ironic isn’t it? nice poem jen –

  7. I’ve dealt with this my whole nursing career and now with my mother…such a sad disease. One thing that really impressed me with this poem is how the structure added to the message, almost propelling us through time and disease progression.

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