Friendships (Prose)


Let me wait
just a little more
my eyes see the clouds grow dark
my ears hear the thunder in the
sky, but I need to see my master
so no, I'll stay outside

The game of catch then throw
I would jump, listening to his happy laugh
as my mouth held tight the soggy ball
my jowls puffing in and out
my tail would wag, I'd bark for more
throw, dive in and swim to shore

My friend, my companion
he dived in to join our game
yet I didn't see him surface
am I to blame?
is he playing hide and seek
I can only hope, that it is so
three days ~ I've counted suns and moons
is he coming back?

So if it really is the same to you
I can only ask with eyes and paw
can I stay and wait for him
await for his return?
I need to have him pat me
to hear his loving voice once more
yelling out and laughing
"Yes go boy ~ Bogart ~ fetch the ball"

©jmtacken 26/11/2013


43 thoughts on “Friendships (Prose)

  1. Oh Jen, how beautiful is this… I don’t if you’ve read the books ‘ A Dog’s Purpose’ & A Dog’s Journey. It is about a dog named Buddy and his rebirth in different times, linked to the same family and their families. He remembers though and I cried through it. I thought of those books as I read your writing. I love the very first verse. In it, you convey everything I felt, as I read the books.
    Have just recovered from Thanksgiving, so am writing to you later tonight..

    • No I haven’t read it hun, I don’t know if I could read a book that would make me cry – I bawled at Marly and Me – thank you I am happy that it brought the book back to you, tis a good thing 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving gorgeous and have a lovely quiet day to relax and unwind after it tomorrow? (I think it will be your tomorrow?) I get so lost. I am thankful I met you xxx

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