Blog of the Year 2013 – A Thank you


There is a Scottish lassie

Scottishmomus be her name

She’s a ma to many children

if twas me- I’d be insane

She writes a bit of poetry

and she likes to have a chat

she’s been bestowed with an

Award – so let’s all smile to that

she kindly nom-in-nated me

along with some other folk

so in gratitude and thankfulness

this be my thank you Β – not a joke

as I don’t accept Awards no more

my Award is you out there

but to thank her for my name

upon the list – the other names I share


(Writing this is was more with an Irish Lilt than a Scottish – oops forgive me – and the picture – seems we both have the same taste in men prrrrr!)


Thank you Scottishmomus http://scottishmomus.wordpress.comΒ for nominating me Blog of the Year 2013 – without further ado – please check her site out and the others below if you aren’t already following or reading them.

Curtsies most graciously with wine in hand. πŸ˜‰





43 thoughts on “Blog of the Year 2013 – A Thank you

  1. Lol. I read it first in Scottish. Then in Irish! Works both ways. Lovely thank you. Especially with yer man to grace the proceedings. So that’s Hugh and Viggo. Wonder who else we can come up with. πŸ˜‰
    Merited award to you missus! Hugs.x πŸ™‚

  2. So wonderful my lovely Jen. Love you. I am ever so proud of you, every achievement & honor Congratulations- the world is yours.
    Ahem! and er Viggo… woo hoo. I love the long hair and beard. Am not partial to beards but I will take this one any time along with the Hobbits.

  3. Forgive me, dear for missing this post…I am truly sorry. I am also most appreciative and thank you ever so much for your curtsy πŸ™‚ congratulations on your award as well.
    Again, so sorry.

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