Screw You (Prose- Fiction)


you thwart every move
callous words dislodge from
soured lips, the taste of lemon
would be sweeter

my life, whose life ~ you have
taken on the role of judge
and jury, please do not
think me ignorant

the see-saw, the tennis match
both have lost their amusement
crossing my identity off your list
placing my character on hold

I won’t be chained by ridicule
under obnoxious taunts
bury me now within your mind
for I walk unshackled ~ to be who I am

©jmtacken Nov 2013       Did a piece called Deadlock – you can view this here   A few ( well Michael and I) were intrigued by this and though it is not a prompt as such, I have written a version which I am linking to her site.  Please read her work, if you don’t already – she has quite an amazing talent.

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