Crossing the Bridge without you (Prose)


can I cross the bridge from life to death
when my last breath is drawn
not knowing what's on the other side
can I leave those I love and say goodbye
what thoughts in my last moments
that I have been granted on this earth
stay ~ please let me stay
as my hand is held in yours

I don't think I'm ready, there is so much
I've yet to do, the pain of leaving
~ living without you
is one that I can't fathom, there's so much
more I want to see; the walk across the bridge
is frightening, not knowing where it leads
cry not, once I am gone
as I walk away from you, be strong and
smile at memories ~ the love I have for you

34 thoughts on “Crossing the Bridge without you (Prose)

  1. i dont know that we will ever feel truly ready…probably for the same reasons—for fear of what it will be for others…i am fine embracing whatever there is for me…i think the greatest fear for me will be that i am no long here to care for certain people…very nicely worked out in this ma’am…smiles.

    • no I don’t think any of us would Bri, I think I am too accepting for myself – but to leave those we need to care for…well would be the hardest thing to do. Thank you for reading and your kindness ~ smiles in return

  2. Such a beautiful and eloquent piece Jenny, this really moved me, especially these lines:

    “there is no more pain within
    my voice is silently swallowed
    my breath begins to fade”

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