My new Funeral Celebrant Website


Above are parts of the two Testimonials I received.

I am smiling.

Below is the link to view,  if you wish 🙂

PS:   I would like to thank Shaun from who helped me sort out this post from the original website – so thank you Shaun 🙂

PPS: Yes the photo does look familiar doesn’t it.

53 thoughts on “My new Funeral Celebrant Website

  1. What a truly beautiful and caring person you are. To do what you do must be immensely difficult. Most of us only think about today, but we need someone like you to help guide and support during our times of grief. Thank you. I only wish that I lived in Oz!

  2. Oh Jade – such a lovely comment – thank you so very much. I have only began, conducting 3 services since October 30th. I have always worked in an office and at the age of 58 – wanted and needed a change – I feel this is my calling and I am so happy that I can help others in the time of grief. Appreciate your kind words 🙂 PS – Come on over! x

  3. I’m wishing you well on this new endeavor. It’s not an easy job you have, but it’s such an important one. I love the description you have of yourself. I think it’s very accurate in portraying you as the warm, caring woman you are. In times of grief, that kind of warmth and empathy are so key. I’ve been around celebrants that left me cold…you will never leave anyone feeling that way. *hugs*

    • Thank you my lovely, yes I have enjoyed the 3 that I have conducted, sadly need more though, as it is what will pay the bills… Sounds terrible I know, waiting for someone to lose someone so that ‘we’ can make a living 😦 xxx

  4. Wow!! Look at you and what you have accomplished!!! I am so proud of you! You see my dear, everything happens for a reason!! A few months ago you were so bumped up with your work and look where it has brought you today! Well done, you are so perfect for this! xxx

    • How sweet- thank you lovely – I have another Service tomorrow so I have been writing/emailing/phoning/editing for pretty much 16 hours now! Thanks darling and I hope you are doing well? 😉 xxx

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