Summer Rain (Poetry)


summer rain… drops

splashing on the pane

touch leaves outside my window

candy floss popcorn

soak in the ground, giving life

filling thirst

in the wee small hours

can you hear ~ listen

close off your world

to the beauty in the beat

constant, melodious ~ tinkling of the keys

hear the drum

ashen bricks turn silver

colours brought to life

rejoice ~ dance in the


©jmtacken Dec 2013

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I did think of this last night at about 2am, however I was too tired to write, sadly I awoke this morning and lost most of it, I hope this will suffice.

48 thoughts on “Summer Rain (Poetry)

  1. nice…i love the sound of the rain…and dancing in the rain…yes i can hear the beat even just sitting here with my eyes closed…candy floss popcorn caught me off guard in a good way…i’d probably cut the in the first line and play a bit with drops…i like the directness through the middle as well…

    • Hi Bri- thank you – ~ as I was listening to the rain this morning, it was light, but it had a ‘bounce’ to it so candy floss popcorn popped in my head ~ I couldn’t think to describe it another way. Taking your suggestion ~ and thank you – as always ~ smiles

  2. This makes me happy. Usually I favor your darker poetry, but I guess I’m missing the summer rain just now. It’s cold here.

  3. “dance in the

    Rain is soothing and healing. I have a fond memory of riding my pony one hot summer day around the house… it was so hot and the gentle rain was so refreshing for us both. I was so afraid my mother would make me put my pony away – but she let us ride as there was no thunder. 🙂

  4. Jennifer, I love this; you’ve done what a poet should be aiming to do – you’ve helped me to see the world with fresh eyes, to hear it with new ears – and that’s marvellous. This is poetry, not prose, and it’s a joy to read it … smiles

  5. I wonder if we could write the same poem twice – each word seems so dependent upon the day, the moment – just like the pattern of the rain – ephemeral and changing

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