This will be the shortest post you have ever read from me

Phone call yesterday afternoon
Saw family last night
Started writing the Service at 7pm – finished at 2.30am
Woke at 8 😦
Started writing, phoning, emailing, editing – 8 hours
Service tomorrow at 1pm
Possibly my biggest – expecting 200 people


Mums will resume to ‘normal’ after Friday – so apologies if I don’t keep up!

28 thoughts on “This will be the shortest post you have ever read from me

  1. You will be wonderful. No matter how many people there are, you will be as always, empathetic, sincere, warm and genuine. Your love for people, people who are grieving will shine through. I can’t wait to hear how it went. Lots of love

  2. the world turns on a dime…and all it takes is one phone call to throw everything up in the air….you will be fine…you have shown that…

    hey if you leave a comment for amnol (HA) later, tell him i cant get to his blog since he went private….

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