Today’s Service

I want to thank every one of you for your encouragement, positive vibes, crossed fingers and support leading up to today.

The Service went really well, I kept telling myself (convincing myself) that the number of people wouldn’t matter 2-20 or 200 then 250 people flowed through the doors and strangely I felt okay. The speakers were introduced, I read one of my poems, there were laughs and tears and when I had finished the amount of people that came up and spoke to me…… well I am floating on Cloud 9 right now.

So forgive me for having my ‘moment in the sun’ as a dear friend said tonight.I only post this as some of you may have been curious as to how I went, not for wanting comments or praise in return.

Mr. S and I went to the pictures and coming home I checked my phone and emails and this is what I had.

These brought tears.

Text message from the partner of the deceased:
Thank you so much for today..Sorry I didn’t speak to you but I was a bit overwhelmed and had to go home. You did an amazing job and summed M up so well. You made it sound like you knew him and we all appreciate the effort and empathy you brought today. Again from C, M and I as well as our community I want to thank you.

Email from his partner:
Jenny I wanted to thank you for today. Sorry I didn’t speak to you personally afterwards. I got home with M’s car and remembered I had left without a word to anyone. My kids also thought you were great, even our conditions, so thank you again. We were wondering if there was anyway we could recommend you to others, because we felt like you really understood everything we said to you, and you did an amazing job at representing the man that M was.

Email from his sister:
Hi Jenny
Sorry I didn’t get to meet you today, but I wanted to thank you for putting on such a lovely and appropriate service for M – it so well reflected his life and personality.

Now I need to sleep, though I am still on those clouds, it maybe hard to accomplish!

Thank you so much my WordPress family  🙂

43 thoughts on “Today’s Service

  1. Had complete faith you would come across as since and carly and put their hearts to ease. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. clap. clap. clap. smiles.
    see i knew you would be fine.
    with all these good things be said about you
    i imagine you might have a few more coming your way
    soon enough.

    honesty is always the best policy…and that is ok, it take it good or otherwise….smiles…i wont ascribe meaning to the poem…its always amazing to me what people read into it…as with any art….adding a bit of themselves to it…smiles.

    • I hear you clapping and I smile
      Thank you – as much as one doesn’t want to rely on their livelihood with the passing of anothers… I hope so
      I am glad you feel that way about my not understanding – I feel terrible when someone has written something and I can’t follow 😦 You are always so humble – thank you

  3. Never a doubt, what did I tell you, I know you well, you have a heart so big it just shines from your page and voice. You are real you REALLY do care. That is a dying art in this World.

    You should be proud, happy and just you. Would never doubt you..
    You are gaining more and more confidence, and one day, you will breeze these like driving a car, if you already are not. It will be second nature. I am SO pleased for you Jen…

    Sorry I never came to check sooner… ❤

    Well done you, take a bow..


  4. So pleased it went so well, Jen, although I never had any doubts. As Shaun says, your heart shines from your page. Beautiful testimonies too from the family. Nothing like that can be bought. All the hard work so worth it. 🙂 x

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